UstachaNaziCroatGenociders are State terrorists committing Ethnic Cleansing of peaceful indigenous Climate Defenders in Bolivia

UstachaNaziCroatGenociders are
State terrorists committing Ethnic Cleansing, of Indigenous Climate Defenders in Bolivia!

We know many of these members of the Anez Gov, 3 generations including Arturo Murillo Prijic and their USAID/CIA contractors, who have for decades been flying and transporting them as backpacker travellers speaking Croat, Hebrew, English, Spanish and their numbers have increased significantly as well as their training and lethality, we are experiencing them again now, under their cover of being local activists, but trully they are an international Actor of State power and not the meaningles Juventud Civica Crucena& Resistencia Juvenil Cochala/RJC/ Motoqueros, for they are the feared racist
Ustacha NaziCroatJewGenociders, who conduct systemic State terrorism-Ethnic Cleansing against peaceful& unarmed indigenous Climate Defenders, seeking to create a FullMoonCroat State in Bolivia.
The UstachaNaziCroats are repeating the same ethnic cleansing they committed in Yugoeslavia, now for Lithium and land are in action in Bolivia!
These UstachaNaziTerrorist cells are armed by the CIA through the Anez Gov's military and Nal Police and are embedded with them and are inmune& impune and protected by law and the military and police and the Judiciary, TSE and Anez's executive office!
Embedded with military and police forces, they used 22& 25 calibers of ammo to execute knelt captive climate defenders, committed Genocide at Huayllani& Senkata and they are not only roaming free but now lead by Murillo, Marinkovic, lopez, Camacho, using State logistics, are roaming as terrorist cells, armed with tear gas rifles, C4 marksmen rifles, guns etc.
They set fire in Samaipata, SCZ and in Colcapirhua, Cochabamba, with racial hatred an RJC cell cruel and inhumanely beat a peaceful indigenous woman, kicking and stumping her while she kept pleading for her life, until they murdered the terrorized victim and left her corpse cuasi naked, with black and blue marks in most of her body.
Her crime, was being an indigenous climate defender and requesting elections and being a dissenter to this State Terrorist AnezUstachaNaziCroatGenociderJew Gov.
She coukd have been antone's mother, soster, daughter and she din't deserved to be murdered callous& coldly as an animal.
Animals deserve respect, so do humans, specially women!
These cells keep roaming and attacking through most of Bolivia. In La Paz City vote-hunger strikers across the electoral TSE were intimidated& death threatened and it was the massive response of the Paceno people who answered to their cry for help, that saved them from potentially being murdered and disappeared!
These evidences are posted at twitter at @ Rossio1;  ChalecosAmarill;  EllamaraRod;  KawsachunCoca, etc. 
But bc our twit page and blogger site keeps being hacked by these hackers, who get in, unconsented through sharing videos, we're not posting videos, bc these hackers become stealth and sabotage our peaceful free speech, trying to frame us, etc.
We know scores of decent goodshoshoos jewish citizens, jewish like us who post Genocide Never again.
But as in all cultures, there are many rotten apples and UstachaNaziCroatGenociders are badshooshoos, that nerd to be exposed to stop not only ethnic cleansing in Bolivia but in Brazil, Chile, etc.
These baddshooshoos are Ustacha as their grandparents& parents were when they were escaping after WWII from Justice for Nurember Crimes against Humanity and Klaus Barbie/Klaus Altmann was one of them.
They are Nazi bc they were Aryans like the Nazigermans& committed crimes against humanity and their present generation is committing it again in Bolivia, after Nov 2019.
They are Croat!
They are Jewish who say Yeshua instead of Jesus but the catholic croatians are predominant in their cells and carry their ethnic cleansing green cross picture in their banners, but also there are evangelicals as Jeanine Anez.
And they need religion to clean their guilty consciences!
They are genociders who committed genocide in Huayllani& Senkata and now, they began Ethnic cleansing/genocide, of peaceful& unarmed indigenous Climate Defenders.
These AnezUstachaNaziCroatJewGenociders are easily recognizable by their racial hatred speech, their motorcycles, their tear gas rifles or large sticks on their backs, etc, and their racial hatred song " quien se cansa, nadie se cansa. Evo de nuevo, huevo Carajo" and they are attempting to manipulate the people to unite against Evo, but Evo with his errors and achievements is not seeking the presidency nor we are fighting for him nor will he ever be the president Again, bc the Constitution bans him and there are too many presidenciables, who are a thousand times more able and educated than Evo, like Dr Felipe Campos. But most likely next president is Arce Catacora and as long he doesn't burn any of our forests, nor deliver us to Latifundio-Cattlewomen interests like Anez and rosca minera and preserve mother Earth& doesn't bring Neoliberalism nor IMF privatizacionto steal our few State factories, L Arce can do his job when elected.  UstachaNazi ethnic cleansing terrorist cells won't suceed bc Evo is not a presidentiable any longer!
We are involved in  indefinite peaceful Civil Disobedience, to get Sep6 elections to have a legitimate gov. But Anez with OAS complicity wanted to Election defraud us to be the winner. But she realized she can never win elections bc of being the lead genocider of Huayllani& Senkata and that's why she has began her Ojula/Storm Operation, which is ethnic Cleansing to build a FullMoonCroat Republic in Bolivia over our ashes.
But there are fissures among these badshooshoos and ADN party is abandoned her and the military and Nal police must think hard, before continuing as accomplices of Ethnic Cleansing& according to experienced Dr Felipe Campos & others, Bolivia is cuasi broke economically&is ungobernable, is in the midts of CovidFamine, Carbon Pandemic, forest fires, carbon Pandemic and a military-Civic Dictorship can't last but weeks before they repress with war weapons and a civil war doesn't benefit Bolivians and in the end the croat police & military commanders among the Bolivian police& armed forces are minority and they would lose the civil war and be not only abrogated but trialed and die serving their lifetime sentences for crines against humanity and die as Genocider GarciaMesa Croat-Bolivian former dictator, who exiled scores of innocent dissenters as Dr Felipe Campos and die in Chonchocoro Maximun security prison as sentenced Ethnic cleansers!

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