PartI: Where are the confederate RacistCarbon Jon Yoos of the world taking us& getting away with it?

PartI: Where are the confederate RacistCarbon John Yoos of the world taking us& getting away with it?

We are not going to discuss how well & long we know Jhon Yoo beyond mentioning he was Dr Felipe Campos Schoolmate, but remind you, Yoo is a koreanAmerican citizen & Humanity of the growing menace of armed fascism taking hold in USA and beyond, bc the USA is the Hub of most of the adverse& tragic policies are carried from, to the rest of the globe.
Yoo a SudCorean American citizen is one of countless but brightest misguided minds of confederate racism that rules in the USA, that is a State within a State.
He was raised under Sud corean military fascism that was created by the CIA and is a 24 hours 7days 365 days obssesively compulsive, in advancing Confederate fascism and arming paramilitary forces  like Eric Prince's paramilitary contractors who kidnap citizens in unmaked vans and wore unidentifiable uniforms in Portlsnd Oregon, now  advancing the power of the office of the president to reach martial law in the USA & beyonder, ASP.
Yoo created with Gonzales circle round Baby Bush the National security doctrine and  cuasi substitution of the USA' Constitution by having enacted the pseudo patriot Act to curtail the legal rights of civilian citizens who, Yoo defined as " combatants in a combat zone opposing our military policies, who deserve no rights but those of combat and  whencaptured must provide information even under enhanced interrogations" and that was hooded dehumanization& torture, beatings, sleep deprivation and wet towel-choking against unarmed civilians, practiced in Guantanamo& secret prisons like Abu Graib.
Nowadays J Yoo is attempting to save his fellow confederate racist from Nov3 election defeat by teaching him to use the magic hat's hidden presidential powers, to sign executive orders under economic emergency/Nal emergency/National Security, in times of alleged Economic Depression.
Please note how EliteRacistCarbon State within a State conspire, collude anong their members in the 3 branches of Gov, enact laws/presidential decrees, to advance fascism, towards martial law...
Yoo bases his legal theory of magic untold powers of the presidency under the legal case of SCOTUS' ruling in Dept Homeland Security vs The Regents of the University of California

Note, Elitist Trump from the executive branch is not about to act alone, but previous to act, plausibly is colluding with 4 Justices+ Roberts to get the paperwork ready and then sign his presidentia decree, to KO 700K dreamers and sign another presidential decrees, among them a delay of evictions and 400dollars/ week to 30 million workers as enhanced unemployment benefits and sign another executive decree to stop temporarily, pay-roll taxes under economic emergency, in times of pseudo Economic Depression.
Yoo heard Dr Felipe Campos theory: stop paying taxes to speed up the undoing of this unsustenable capitalist  growth perpetuation, which was discussed decades ago with Yoo over a cup of cofee at a coffe shop and Yoo had gotten up frustrated and walked away & decades later, Yoo is turned upside dow and inside out Dr Felipe Campos's Theory to stop paying taxes, in his attempt to spare Trump from reelection defeat or at least provide him with an extortion tool against Schumer and Pelosi  so they can yield and agree to enact in congress only a 1 trillion dollars CoVid relief package for economic recovery instead of the 3.6 trillions aproved in May 2020 at Congress.
Whether or not Trump's 1 trillion dollars + inmunity for the carbon corporations from getting sue bc of sending them to die working in unsafe CoVid conditions in the factories and Trump's policy is enacted, Yoo attempt to advance towards an absolute primacy of the presidency over Congress' duty to fiscalize our economy is achieve by Trump with the collusion of 4 conservative justices plus Roberts, the danger of confederate facist martial law in America and beyond is a latent, hanging threat bc, even if we get a new Democrat Joe Biden president, this Trump enacted policies would remain bc mayority confederate minded SCOTUS is ruled and communicated to the executive president, if he wants to reverse policies that he wants to change and the Supreme court ruled ilegal, the new president can't do it until several years after, SCOTUS received the paperwork with enough justification to have com0lied with the Administrative Procedures Act and After convincing SCOTUS it has filed enough paperwork to the absolute satisfaction of SCOTUS, hence Trump would get his way and get away with it for years of protracted legal litigation to overturn it, long after he is out of office.
Dr Felipe Campos pointed out to us a group of retired academicians, "the Patriot act and Gonzales& Yoo's enacted Patriot law was passed by colluding confederate racist democratic& republicans in congress during Baby Bush- Cheney and Obama refused to have it abrogated anc continue to collude and evaded his responsibility by having mayority confederate minded congressmen to rename the Pateuot Act ad Freedom act and now long after Bush and VPBiden are gone from the executive office, the Freedom Act remains instead of being abrogated and our constitutio bvb al rights be returned, such as Free Speech, the 4th amedment, the 14 amedment and there is the ongoing complicity of SCOTUS who created an unconstitutional FISA court and antone falsely accused of being a threat to National security in this secret FISA court& before existing any kernel of being a T, he is alreadt condemned by this FiSA court as guilty and charged and since they substituted our Constitution with a pseudo Freedom Act that searches and seizes innocents and their homes without a court order, we are bound for a country under martial law and under a Dictatorship instead of a president with few& limited powers bc Yoo and confederates conspired, colluded and retaliated through the 3 branches of Gov and this proves there is no separatuon of powers nc the eliteracistCarbon State within a State rules and the people don't see it, and are misseducated at universities taught by confederate racists as Jon Yoo and the new PHDs are reproducing the Jon Yoos and they have insured bright pro peoples academicians as Dr Felipe Campos are retired not to wake up the sleeping giant and not to open their eyes to reality, so they can keep milking the carbon cow perpetually unless they act with massive civil disobedience, there won't be carbon abrogation nor change but martial law under abaolute tyrant presidents like JoeBiden, who won't undo trumps policies for he is another Trump disguised as Democrat but by his past actions and policies Biden is a concealed Confederate Trump who hides and is silent while climbing to further his power, silently and covertly along with carbonbanker K Harris"
He pausef and then added, "Finally people give me the reason i was right about SCOTUS having created and shielded the police from accountability for chokeholding deaths and executions to perpetuate carboncapitalism and its eliteState within a State. Congress has the power to abrogate Qualified inmunity and the Freedom.Act created by VP Biden who pushed congress and Obama to sign it, but they won't do it unless we the people with massive civil disobedience pushed them to abrogated now"
On that note we end this column& attach some newspaper clips for you to educate yourself & never stop educating, so you can questuon authority and peacefuly according to your human conscience & common sense instead of fanatism and/or dogmatism.

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