9/11, Carbon Pandemic, Covid Pandemic: The Road To Extinction

9/11& carbon pandemic& CoVid Pandemic, the road to extinction!

There are many historical events throughout the 9/11s of Human History, but the most meaningful of them are related to the Davidian breed of People who made possible the Roman empire arrived its pinnacle & control, thanks to the gold provided by Davidian financiers.
The Roman empire suffered its most heartfelt defeat in the teuton burg forest dividing Romann and advanced/ backwards Barbarians, in 9/11
Much later the western Roman-Jewish declining empire elites, retired to Britannia, where they ruled
And centuries after, bloodyily colonized what it would become the New England Colonies with their laborer- black slaves.
Whether right or wrong you tell me
Later the predominant breed fought the British crown and Nathan Hale was among the indeoendentists officers, who was captured and hang in Sept.
There was a civil war of ted vs blue and the breed of Blues prevailed.
Lincoln signed a mule and 40bacres of conpensatuon to each black slave, but colluding they murder him inside a theater controlled by Grant's troops and his VP and the breed made it disappear the signed compensation t b li acks, document
Whether right or wrong you tell me!
The Hamiltonian breed of people controlled since then the economy, the office to the president and made lifetime appointments of unelected & undemocratic SCOTUS and with the conteol of 3 branches of gov and the contril ocer the people, they kept electing presidents by pro-Elite controlling proportional representation + superdelegate, bc distrust the people having real power on its hands. So they arrogated themselves this conservatorship over mentally incapacitated children, who they think are the People and govern it in its name.
Whether right or wrong, you tell me!
Since the 1990's United States' Elite breed of people govern exclusively, that is the carbonElitist breed of people decide in the name of the People.
Whether right or wrong, you tell me!
About to suffer global economic depression, on 9/11 theIsraeli diplomats had innadvance forewarn their people and they didn't go to work but americans did and 3000 americans were unjustly deprived of life by 20 Saudies alleging they were this they were that and rather than extract justice from the Oil house of Aud for 3000 victims, the House of OilBush invaded and occupied Afganistan, irak, and later almost took Syria and trillion of USD were given away to the breed of people who made the oul wars to a enge against the 20 Saudies but missing the target they didn't extract justice from the house of OilSauds. But the oilBush had made the oilwars & bankrolled the oil wars with Social Security money that belongs to tax payers and empty it and now they don't pay back the trullio n.v s of dollars sacked from Social security belonging to tax payers nor pay the 1600-2000 dollars/month covid enhacement payments but continue to baul out carbon corporatio n.v s, cut their taxes and subsidize the carbon corporations but no mobey for 40 million tax payer- workers who face eviction, covid unemployment, coVid pandemic, Carbon pandemic!
Whether right or wrong you tell me!

Nowadays millions are getting forest fires burned, by fires caused by Carbon pandemic and CarbonBiden &Carbon trump eere imposed onnus as only two candidates.
Forests fires and nuckear Mutually Assured Destruction hangs over our heads with CarbonBiden& CarbonTrump and we face approaching carbon pandemic& nuclear pandemic Murually Assured Destruction.
Whether is right or wrong, you tell me. Bc i can only tell you if we don't join Civil Disobedience Now around the oul refineries, oul sea ports, oil pipe lines & stop Biden's Trump's shale fracking, and # AbrogateCarbonNow, we are going to be made extinct by these 2 carbon candidates!

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