A note of reflexion on a misguided endorsement!

A note of reflexion
on a misguided endorsement!

When lay people read scientific american/sciamerican endorsed Joe Biden, assume the whole scientific body has endorsed him. But members like myself recognize that's a misguided assumption bc, for all its pomp and circumstace, it isn't!
We scientists active or inactive were not consulted, polled or voted to endorse Biden, so in honor to american scientists who fight against ffg ou ssil fuel and in honor to the truth, humbly attest the american scientific comunity nor all members of this magazine, didn't endorse him democratically but some few attempt to break against a scientic tradition not to endorse any politician or party. And these few from the magazine, are misguidedly endorsing Joe Biden and they still be wrong if they endorse Trump or any politician, unless they openly state our private magazine endorses so and so and place a disclaimer it is not tge american scientific stablishment as a body endorsing Biden.
But the point of this reflexion is the short comings of JoeBiden, a career politician as all politicians living off our tax dollars rather than be employed, He and congressmen who allege are the only sons of god, enjoy fat salaries and fat pensions while the rest are forgotten meaningless gentiles.

Joe is not abrogating carbon now nor he will, bc he has a symbiotic relationship and interests with carbon corporations& banks that finance carbon (including oil and gas) extraction and increase of carbon emissions. Countless oil subsidies, multiple never Ending oil wars, a war criminal, 5fold imprisonment of people of color & being murdered by his enacyed laws such us the Omnibus law, FreedomAct, Police- lBill of-rights which gives policemen that murder black americans with chokeholds and guns receive unconditional qualified inmunity and impunity, Biden's failed 2nd amedment gun control laws,milititarizing police with billions of dollars in armoured carriers, assault rifles& war forbidden chemical weapons being used against our own citizens& carbon pandemic after having wasted billions of dollars as VP, he's got no vaccine or advanced phase 3 anticovid vaccine and like Trump doesn't deserved endorsement bc both are carbon pushers.
What the McMillan corporation that owns sciamerican magazine has done is plain and simply a corporate endorsement of JoeBiden, the carbon corporatist pusher, much like white republican corporatists have bankrolled with billions Joe's carbon candidacy to the white house.
The McMillan Corporatists who own sciamerican allege Joe's token 65k wind turbines & think Niclear Mutually Assured Destruction is worth 2 trillionsUSD for carbon genocide is a noble promise from Joe, to make him president, bc a fraction of that money will be used to produce polluting asphalt, for new roads to new guzzler cars in lieu of old guzzlers, so to this negligible carbon reduction amount fails to take into account Joe's 50 years political irreversible destruction of our home planet was done by giving away countless subsidies, tax cuts, bailouts, to carbon corporations& multiole Never ending oil wars have cost over 20 trillion of dollars& he and Trump say thete is no 3.4 billion dollars to assist over 40 million workers with Covid enhancement unemployment payments and so many are now being evicted in this deadly CoVid Pandemic times.
Biden's irresponsible 8 years as VP, and Trump's 4 years have caused this Covid19, caused by carbon Pandemic's drying trees and burning forests globally to make room for their palm oil, transgenic soy& red meat, costing us countless lives of humans, animals, biodiversity and our food chain.
Had Joe signed a contract with us environmenyalists to abrogate carbon now, we would all have voted for him, but he is cheated many making them believe is his anticarbon policy but lately he admitted its not his policy but meaningless non binding recomendations to him and taken advantage of old senile Sanders, Joe is courting mostly white votes to win his election and once in the white house he'll bully push to the sidewalk Sanders and his fools, as he did for 8byears as VP when he broke his promise to end his ne erEnding oil wars but gave Americans a surge.
Once a liar, always a liar, who can believe JoeBiden but helpless senile voters like Sanders.
Scientific American at least should have demanded for their magazine endorsement, Abrogate CarbonNow, bc Joe's and Trump's carbon Pandemic is irreversibly exceeeding climate tipping points in the Artic, Siberia, glaciars and we are already experiencing not only climate crisis but climate catastrophe in the west coast, under forest fires caused by Joe's, Trumps and carbon corporations policies which will be increased 20 fold if he is president or his political carbon twin, Trump is elected.
Scientific american and Mcmillan will have to live with their diservice to humanity, by having endorsed an unworthy&;incorregible carbon candidate, who publicly admitted, "I am not banning fracking": JoeBiden
Fracking that causes death, frequent earthquakes, soil infertility and desertification, exyerminates aquifers, and poisons the air we breath every second, stuff innour lungs deadly methane, carbon gases and toxic gases of a thousand chemicals used in underground fracking and makes us drink intoxicated flamable water, that produces us cancers, which kill us very prematurely at a growing annual count of more than 7 million humans.
As for countless climate defenders like myself, we owe our duty and life to our children and grandchildren and are not going to expose our lives to become gun violence victims, to vote for carbonJoe nor Carbon Trump, who caused these unjust polarization by overfunding police and militarizing the police and turned america into combate zones under their 2nd amedment aryan dead squatsMilitiamen like Patriot prayer, Proud boys, QAnon, etc.
True Scientists demand AbrogateCarbonNow!
Politicized pseudo scientists perpetuate carbon by endorsing carbon JoeBiden who is 20fold increasing carbon Pandemic& nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction which Joe is bringing by proliferating nuclear plants under the excuse of producing 10% dirty electrical power, instead of clean energy by Solar Energy and Vegan.

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