A word of reflexion about red meat!

A word of reflexion about unsafe red meat!

Tragicly saddens me people who throw money in diabetic& heart patients who don't care for their health and keep eating transgenic soy&red meat, even though they've known subcontracto JPrs& large markets are selling & feeding them with CoVid19 tainted meat& take for granted coccion kills all CoVid19 in meat.
As a meat eater, do you realize you are a co-murderer along with the industrial transgenic soy Bayer, large markets& meat subcontractors and govs, who let their own people die with CoVid & haven't enforced the laws until too little to late, bc they can't resurrect the sacrificed innocent& helpless animals& their rational-animal-victims, nor console their widows and orphans excruciating pain& loss!
I am talking of desperate Balkan& central Asians workers who need to feed their families, put up inhuman abuse, overtime work w/o pay, crammed like corralled 4 legged animals, getting CoVid, being forced to work andvtransmit CoVid to the meat& to the consumers but having to silently work till they agonize and miss their spouses and children who they don't have a chance to spare them the pain of dying in Germany as our Jewish ancestors and their innocent friends were sacrificed in labor camps like these and marked for death by their german imprisoners and industrial owners, who chose profit, rather than take them to hospitals? Despite the pain it produces me my grandparents land, nothing is changed with these german profiteeers as their descendants genocide innocent victims, like their ascendants.
How is it for these corporate profiteers to be dead, blind and heartless to the workers & the consumers to sell tainted coVid meat and cause this inhuman misery, pain& trauma& ongoing low scale genocide?
Liitle german children I am not blaming you for feeling hungry but ache fir you to be playing endless russian roulette with the red meat you are eating, bc sooner or later it may reach you or some other friend of yours.
I have no jay walking ticket but i know police in most industrialuzed countries& 3rd world countries, who get trained by the Israel, don't care much for you but their aryan pride & profit. If you have a choice, eat no more red meat bc, quinoa, lentil, garbanzo, veggies, fruts, grains& edible tubercle food are tastier and safer than the tainted red meat may land in your dish.
Parents please protect your children's health and consider No red meat, bc it also is destroying our climate and forests and food chain, water& air we depend on to survive!
Tomorrow is Yom Kippur and how sad many may not make it, so please think about your consumers, german& non germans, and put profit aside and give them safety and coexist in peace with them, bc many innocent jewish prisoners of extermination camps were saved by russian people and other european& people...and we're not islands and people Jewish and Non-Jewish we need to co-exist&survive carbon Pandemic& CoVid Pandemic& CoVid famine!
Thank you!


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