Actions speak louder than words!

Re: Actions speak louder than words!

FraudMerkel why aren't you Abrogating Deutche Bank's racquet?
FrauMerkel why are you throwing away billions of euros to Racqueteer Carbon corporations instead of spending them on Solar&Vegan?
Fraud Merkel how can you police, Deutche Bank by means of your racist police who is being protected by SeeHoffer refusing to investigate them?
FrauMerkel abrogate EU- Mercosur trade deal bc Bolsonaro is causing FossilFuelClimateFires burning the Amazon pantanal forest& billions of innocent& helpless animals& biodiversity!
FrauMerkel why are you letting Germany relapse into racism against millions of Jewish peaceful people like me?
Please act Now against corrupt banks like Deutche Bank that funded Trump& abrogate cheating Deutche Bank& cheating carmakers who genocide us with deadly carbon gasses & cause FossilFuelClimateFires! But above all, #AbrogateCarbonPandemicNow or resign!
Domitila Mamani Mann
Sep 21 2020
Deutsche Bank's biggest scandals

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