Are Scientists & pharmaceuticals saviors or Todesengel Mengeles?

Are scientists & pharmaceuticals saviors or Todesengel Mengeles?

How do you substitute rigorous scientic data for your vaccine when you can't humanely gather the experiental vaccine's data, which takes normally 15- 20 years to get it or be denied a license by the FDA?
The answer is the Emergency Law (does the gimmick) pressures politically to aprove a candidate's vaccine without mid and long term studies of possible deadly adverse side effects your vaccine may cause on the pacients that were innoculated with it.

The problem wit this Emergency Law is that it delivers an unsafe and deadly vaccine, which leaves neuromuscular or other permanent& irreversible consequences on the patient such as Myelitis inflamation, which is the irreversible degeneration of the myeling coat that insulates the spinal chord, etc
All these pharmaceutical corporations have a high record of being sued bc of lying while applying for licensing or bc the adverse consecuences the patients suffer due to their vaccines, hence no one in her/ his right mind will believe nor trust the word of pharmaceuticals!
Any phase3 clinical trials should not be substitted by any law, bc laws are made by pharmaceurical corporations or other corporatists, who lobby and give away big money to legislators to enact laws that steps up the obtention of patent/license that favor corporations rather than the safety of their vaccines on patients.

Phase 3 clinical trials are followed for years to see if its safe or unsafe on their experimental patients' health at medium term and long term, and getting that scientific data, takes 15-20 years.
Scienrists like any merchant have an economic interest in getting it aproved and history of suits is full of corrupt scientists nc few are ethical and there is the dark side of The jewish balkan germanized Joseph Mengala megalomanic- psychotic legacy of unethical inhuman experiments to change eye colors with dye shots, etc which was inflicted in innocent jewish dissenters during WWIi& today's pharmaceutical Mengalas are no exception bc they are greedy & glory seekers as much as the pharmaceuticals!

And when they are sued for wrongfull death, they all blame the victim: she must have a preexisting medical history, it must be het DNA had a pripensitybto adverse effects nd in the case of the Oxford- Astrazeneca trial vaccine, which todays hournalistic propaganda says, " it was the placibo which caused her myelitis inflamation and it couldn't have been the its unfair to hold off annentire trial and cause investors to loose money for one patient"
Now their Management Board will audit it and possibly let them continue with their phase 3 clinical trial and when it gets licensed by polutical pressure of the Emergency Law, if you were one if the vaccinated people by their unsafe vaccine, you will be a guinea pig who is reacting too little too late! And no amount of money will cure you magically from the deadly side effects of this vaccine, bc we are barely grasping how the human inmune system works, specially the mysterious blood brain barrier.
Remember we live only once and there are no resurrections of dead people and its you who must care for your health and that of your children's and grandchildren's, bc most scientists and pharmaceuticals only care for money, money, money at all cost!
# NeverAgainIsNow

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