Biden& Trump you are causing 30 million workers to suffer massive rental evictions!

@JoeBiden & @RealDonaldTrump
Re: You are causing 30 million workers to suffer massive rental evictions!

You paint yourselves as the prima donnas and you favored the interests of your elitist carbon breed and left us behind economically while you play prohibitive & expensive Neverending oil wars & overfunded your killer police to keep ruling by machiavellian terror.
You both play your November 3 hyped but unsafe CoVid vaccine, for the purpose to be elected to the white house&each of you play the economic savior card.
You Carbon Biden say you will penalize with 10% tax, corporations that engage in outsourcing but it was yourself for all your 50 years of political career, who rewarded corporate outsourcing with Billions of USD & tax breaks, through your NAFTA, CAFTA policies, etc
The above facts asolutely show your Biden record as an unrepentant liar who capitalizes through lies& schemes and you don't care for american workers and/or the middle class!
Biden you say you will reward Non- outsorcing Carbon corporations with 10% credit tax. The more you pamper and give away billions of dollars in corporate tax breaks but you and Yeump continue to deny us Covid ehancemetnt uemployment, you are not only creating severe Nal economic recession but famining more than 30 million workers& their families, but unjustly causing evictions from rental units by not aproving the 3.4 trillion dollars in congress but you gave away countless trillion of dollars to tour accomplice Corporations by your tax cuts, bail outs & endless carbon subsidies, which absolutely proves you RacistCarbonElitist are a State within a State, that is you are unjust parasites living off us the 333 million American tax payers!
Yes these crucial months you candidates, are condemning us to massive tenant evictions and carbon Pandemic and forced vaccination with an unsafe Covid Vaccine rushed for you to be undeservedly elected!

People of color whose saving are running out confront evictions, Covid unemployment, CoVid Pandemic& CoVid famine& Carbon Pandemic and being at risk of being executed by your overfunded racist police& execution by your armed 2nd Amendment TerroristMilitiamen, have our hands full trying to survive and don't have time & will not risk our lives to vote for Either of you!

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