Biden's GND is GreenNoDeal butcarbon Pandemic perpetuation& nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction!

Biden's GND Is # GreeNoDeal but carbon Pandemic perpetuation &nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction!

We can't stomach Trump's destructive carbon pandemic policies& had offered environmentalists voting for Biden if he signed a contract to abrogate carbon from the White house. Biden refused and took us for granted& lies to us with his carbon perpetuation disguised as GreenNewDeal but is GreenNoDeal, so we go public that he promises carbon corporations& Republican money donnors, assuring them carbon will be increased with a cheap carbon tax and then turns around and tells environmentalists and rest of the people he will stop fracking and few days after, declares he will not ban fracking that his deal with environmentalists are not binding but unenforceable bc his platform doesn't have the wording of binding contract but mere recomendations!

Biden's GND is #GreenNoDeal bc it resurrects Nuclear Mutual Assured annihilation by building Nuclear plants& space and surface nuclear arms race & nuclear spills& nuclear radiation kills humans for 400 years.

Biden's GND is #GreenNoDeal bc it perpetuates 20xCarbon Pandemic that will increase sky high the current annual premature deads of more than 7 million people, due to Carbon Pandemic!

Biden's GND is #GreenNoDeal bc with Carbon tax increases Carbon Pandemic that causes rise of 6°C
temperature within 8 years, irreversibly melts polar ice, glaciars& oceans with shale fracking and hot weather causes frequent& widespread fires in CaliforniaOregonWashington&Beyond& countless millions escape yet thousands die unjustly besides massive 70% biodiversity went extinct& 30% remaining biodiversity will go extinct by his carbon Pandemic perpetuation!

Biden's GND is #GreenNoDeal bc his carbon pandemic increases industrial trasgenic agriculture that burn the forests of the world to make room for his transgenic Soy& Red Meat trade& the extinction of 30% remaining Biodiversity

Bidens GND is #GreenNoDeal bc 6 million weatherized windows can't save us from ForestsFires&deadly BlackSmoke mass genociding us with Carbon gases, methane& 1000 deadly chemicals used in Shale fracking& frequent and widespread earthquakes due to fracking, water, soil& aire intoxication due to deadly fracking chemicals& food chain intoxication due to frackig and oil drilling and oil spills when oil ships break& 24 million miles of oil pipes break& blast us& animals to death!

Biden's GND is #GreeNoDeal bc infrastructure lays more asphalt flamable on freways,bridges& roads that burn more intense when forest fires reach them& burns us& burn to death fleeing animals.

Bidens GND is #GreenNoDeal bc once he is in office he goes back to his habit of breaking promises, as he&Obama promise to end Afghanistan war but gave us unconsented surge & over 2 trillion dollars wasted and 20 years after we're still at war in Afghanistan and loosing and it depleted over 2 trillion dollars from Social security and gave away $trillions to carbon corporations in subsidies, etc.
The only way to achieve a true NewGreenDeal is by #AbrogateCarbonNow but Biden& Trump are all lies& untrustworthy, so we can't be so stupid twice to elect any of these 2 perpetuating carbon pandemic candidates who are causig over40 million workers to be evicted bc they only have money for carbon corporations who fund their election to office but the mere 3,4 trillion dollars for worker-tax payers both have refused us, so since there aare NO workers enhancenment CoVid unemployment payments, no vote for either of these 2 liars& carbon gasers of Americans&humanity!

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