Bolivia's Elections Oct20th2019& Octuber 18th2020, Unipolar power attempting to impose State terror!

Bolivia's Elections Octuber20th 2019& Octuber18th2020
Unipolar power attempting to impose State terror

Carbon corporations, industrial agriculture& warmakers/military industrial Corps colluding with 1% of humanity/ carbonElitistsOlygarchicLatifundists inside the Unipolar empire through CarbonTrump's acts, keep rolling their war pieces of transgenic flora&fauna and callously express, "Except insignificant Venezuela, Nicaragua& Cuba, we are securing the western Hemisphere/Monroe Doctrine control"
CarbonTrump is the embodiment of Andrew Jackson, and he keeps hostile policies against his old foe of Simon Bolivar' lands& people.
This truth is self evident in Bolivia, the predilect daughter of Andrew Bolivar. The latter was assassinated by orders of Andrew Jackson, who had been defeated in Florida by Bolivar and with his assasination, Bolivar's patria Grande was aborted and from Jackson on, the would be later Unipolar power, instituted division& weak republics to materialize the Monroe Doctrine.
Bolivar's predilect daughter, Bolivia being important for its geopolitical position&Incarian flora& fauna legacy& rich natural resources is now vanquished and govern by the unipolar power's marionette Jeanine Anez's military-police& UstachaNaziDeathSquads, who keep imposing low scale State terrorism against Bolivia's indigenous Climate Defenders. Unfortunatelly Morales-Garcia's linear thinking made them prey to Nov12 2019 Coup and are committing the same mistakes of assuming linearly, Anez will deliver the presidency on Octuber18th by the electoral route!
Wrong, wrong, wrong, bc the Unipolar power plays the cards from nehind the scenes, and has the leverage& the means to continue to manipulate not only the election outcome & the election cancelation& impose perpetuation with different faces to give the impression is a new president and new policy but its the old chola/serf with a different hair cut but under their unipolar control!
New indigenous leaders must replace unfit old indigenous former dignataries who like horses with blinders only see Arce winning the Octuber 18th.
Octuber 20th 2019 is become octuber 18th 2020 where the unipolar Power has the deck of cards on its power, from OAS vote observers, to vote counters to TSE president who is their civil contractor
This is why the unipolar power has chosen women to lead, taking for granted all countries will a cept women in power!
But these are notbindependent minded women but sold out women from Aghanistan, to Belorussia, to Bolivia & beyond a lnd Anez is one of these soldout rented political whores, who are genociding their own people with ClimateCatastropheForestFires, TransgenicFlora&fauna&SarsCovid2, Covid unemployment, CovidFamine, CovidJudicial persecutions, etc!
Former Brinksman& Survivor of Black August 1980 military Coup, says, " Don't wait for AnezAuto Coup D'etat, use the legislative power, indict and remove &imprison Anez& Mesa, Camacho Lopez, Murillo: by Congressional act, before she shuts you down"
He 's right, don't run the fate of Salvador Allende, organize groups to survive& resist govs attempting to impose State Terror, unsafe vaccine compulsory vaccination& increase Carbon Pandemic under the excuse of Covid19

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