Bolivia's enemy, Carlos MesaG, the eternal seditious civil contractee on the move!

Bolivia's enemy, Carlos MesaG, the eternal seditious civil contractee on the move!

Unwilling to cause his contractor a loss of trillions of dollars in Lithium, gold...Imperial Civil contractee Carlos Mesa who seditiously caused Sanchez de Lozada's downfall& the CoupD'etat Black Nov2019 Against E Morales with his false& malicious alegation of fraud election, has just been chosen by his imperial contractor, to become Bolivia's united oposition candidate for President, to abort Arce- Choquehuanca's presidential victory, while having on stand by at the ready, Anez AutoCoup D'etat if it looks Mesa's United oposition front would lose the election! Except the Contractor, no one knows the date, time and manner of Anez impending Auto Coup D'etat.
Don't take for granted the Imperial contractor ordering Anez to hand out power to Arce- Choquehuanca, because they have deadly framings& booby traps against Eva Copa, Arce...& Mr Biden& Mr Trump are unwilling to lose trillions of dollars in Lithium, gold.... at stake at the geopolitical heart of South America& to preserve in perpetuity the legacy of their Monroe Doctrine: Bolivia, the predilect daughter of assassinated leader Simon Bolivar!
Don't just think elections will solve it all.
ALP you must impeach & indict Anez, Mesa for multiple genocides & corruption they committed& continue to commit& have your peaceful indigenous groups organized & should Anez AutoCoup D'etat take place, they can counter it eficiently to avoid a fait accomply...!

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