Carbon Corporations, Carbon tax& carbon gases genocide us!

Carbon Corporations&carbon tax& carbon gases genocide us!

What do we feel when our brothers and sisters are killed?
We are grieving the deads of our sisters& brother Elephants massively killed by carbon Corps who produce Carbon Pandemic, which caused cyanobacteria to turn into deadly neurotoxins in water holes where they concentrated and drunk water to hydrate themselves fron high climate temperatures.
The same way we drink water from aquifers, with this climate catastrophe caused by the carbon corporations' carbon pandemic, we will be massively killed to extinction!
Carbon tax is perpetuation of carbon pandemic genocide of humanity and can't resurrect us from death nor extinction and no amount of money can give us life back nor resurrect our more than 7 million brother& sisters killed by carbon pandemic annually!
Carbon corporations, carbon tax& carbon gases genocide us by more than 7 million persons anually& perpetuate Human genocide& can't resurrect us nor resurrect our killed animals!
#SubsidizeSolarEnergyNow #AbrogateAnimalAgriculture

Botswana: Bacteria in water behind mass elephant deaths

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