Caudillos vs True Climate Defender Leaders (part1)

Caudillos vs True Climate defender liders(Part1)
You see caudillos like Hitler, Bush Biden&Trump, Bolsonaro Mesa&Anez alleged being theocratically appointed to power& are pushing everyone they can manipulate from the luxurious comforts of their rear lines.
Caudillos are godly impersonators & need god-media-money- army, lies & homicidal intentions,guns& submissive sheep fools to justify genocides, bc in practice they exempted themselves from the UN charter of Human rights and the Geneva war con-vention laws and of the rule of law& fairness and transparency and accountability, to avoid being penally prosecuted for crimes against humanity while they impose their excesses on ocuppied countries, which they alledge to be nation building& teaching them Democracy but reality and experience has proven, they destroy those nations and cause massi e death, whether right or dead wrong, you tell me!
Caudillos are the racist breed of elitistState within the Populace'sState!
No one exemplifies a better caudillo than George H Bush who made himself predestined to become presidential before countless legions of bible thumper evangelicals, " God told me I am his angel and the will of god the bible is the road to the millenium of peace!"
Bank rolled through the house of Saud& carbon wall Street, the man who exempted himself from military service, lying humiliated Service man Cain& later his Brother Jeb had his secretary of State certify ilegal hanging chads as valid votes& then colluding with Bill Clinton's side& carbon corps, steered away from congress, to decide who really won the elections. Clinton's aides pressed Gore to file the hanging chads controversial dispute before carbon SCOTUS and demanded a pay back to justices appointed for life to SCOTUS, to pay him back by making him the president through their political votes at SCOTUS.
They paid him back 5-4 by politically deciding to reward the man who stole the hanging-chads-votes so made him the imposed president, rather than recount the votes& 4 Justices sentenced, " No one will know who trully won the elections"
Few days after papa Bush called Monica Lewinsky's lover, "He is my other son" bc he knew had Clinton congressionalmajority decide it, it would have ordered a recount of the Florida votes & doom his son George or enact a law to repeat the election, no doubt George would have lost to Al Gore, but carbon corporation& carbon bankers would have to give up milking the genocidal carbon cow, so through SCOTUS made one of their own, Bush, the president, while these SCOTUS POLITICAL APPOINTEES who pretend to be apolitical but they are wolves under black sheep robes!
Then the carbon warriors led by Cheney& John Yo, House of Saud...came up with their invention to avoid global economic depression: 9/11 with 3000 lives losses, broadcasting live the second airship crashing against the second tower, while the first tower was the smoking. And
like a lynch mob without any rationality, congress& the media went on a millenium of war alleging to fight external terror& domestic terror. So they deprived Americansiof their constitutional rights and substituted them with the patriot act (,which has nothing of patriot bc it deprives is our constitutional rights like Habeas Corpus& privacy...) & was put on practice, "peaceful unarmed civilian are combatants& HVD in secret prisons as Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo"
Caudillo Bush invaded Afganistan instead of Saudi Arabia whose 20 Ts were shown as the seeming Ts.
After taking oil Afghanistan, caudillo Bush pointed his wacking accusatory finger against their hired former warmaker Saddam Hussein& without compelling evidence accused him of having weapons of mass destruction& then overthrew him under the excuse of Democracy& occupied Irak. Oil Bush Found no weapons of mass Destruction but more oil!
Caudillo Bush went after oil Libya& oil Syria & plunder Lybian oil under the excuse of exporting Democracy& kept converting his millenium of peace into carbon millenium of war & terror at home and against oil countries.
Caudillo Bush adverse damage against Humanity is lasting since 9/11 2001, past sept 2020 and going on for millenium, whereas Caudillo Hitler's unjust adverse carbon war policies lasted less than 10 years
And Caudillo Biden& Trump have lasted 50 years and we still live without peace& privacy and subjected to CoVid19 pandemic, carbon pandemic, unemployment pandemic, famine pandemic, oil wars pandemic.
When are we going to stand & stop this millenium of neverEnding oil wars thst wasts countless trillions of dollars to enrich the carbon war corporations but denies us of CoVid19 enhanced relief assistance and makes over 40 million taxpayer workers evicted and homeless, when the only carboncandidates Biden& Trump are the only candidates, but not candidates for peace but candidates for Never Ending oil wars, compounded with carbon pandemic causing global forest fires& Biden's nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction/MAD policy and carbon pandemic perpetuation sugarcoated with carbon tax, traded at The carbon stock trade market at ParisAgreement of cheaters, with double carbon credit for sellers& buyers and leading us towards irreversible human extinction?

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