Debate is over, we're experiencing Climate Catastrophe!

Mr @JoeBiden& @RealDonaldTrump
Re: Debate is over, we're experiencing climate catastrophe!
You both are embedded with Carbon corporations& your denyals and schemes to perpetuate you love for your elitist CarbonEconomy, has no limits but it is has ended climate catastrophe debate, bc we are experiencing climate catastrophein the westcoast& countless places of our planet Earth!
Whether you call it whatever you wish, you no longer deceive us!
Carbon(including all fossil fuel& carbon derivate products) Pandemic is causing not only irreversible extreme dryness& hot temperatures& toxic air& melting the polar ice, and glaciars but forest fires, deaths, injuries and burning our houses& causing people in whole regions, cities& comunities to emergency evacuate.
Mr Trump, by saying "It's a hoax" you are wasting your time and ours.
Mr Biden your whole political career& time as VP, shows your record of endless oil subsidies, tax cuts, etc and your plagiarized GND is GreenNoDeal. How are you going to save us from your carbon Pandemic that is burning our forests, biodiversity, eco systems and us?
You say GND, but your nuclear plants proliferation is nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction/MAD and NotGreen!
Your GNDpolicy to exchange old cars for new cars is not GreenNoDeal but carbon pandemic perpetuation!

Your GND token 65k wind turbines is GreenNoDeal bc you perpetuate carbon Pandemic!

Your GND6 million weatherized window policy is GreenNoDeal bc its not 333 million homes nor 8 billion homes bc it perpetuates Carbon pandemic!

Your Oilwars& carbon tax isGreenNoDeal bc it perpuates carbon Pandemic with a tax. But CarbonPandemic with a tax, means extinction of Humanity, life, biodiversity& our HomeEarth.

Mr Biden, Mr Trump while you don't Abrogate Carbon and continue to sell ted meat and cow milk like Sanders, is GreenNoDeal bc it extinguishes forest trees& causes higher Covid Pandemic bc somefleeing wild animals bring epidemies and the only way for humanity to survive is #AbrogateCarbonNow
And our quest to survive impending Human extinction is not the election of either of you carbon perpetuators. But now the debate over climate Catastrophe is over, we are experiecing it, if we want to survive, we must join Massive Civil Disobedience around the refineries, oil sea ports, oil pipe lines till we abrogate the carbon pandemic!

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