Do not NaziEugenic sterilize us and/or deny just compensation!

Do not NaziEugenicSterilizeUS &/or deny just compensation!

American legislators wrote a NaziEugenic's/nazi sterilization victims' compensation law in North Carolina to deny equal compensation, to exclude most victims from 1933 to 1977: dead victims feel nothing & only compensates victims living in year 2013 per Eugenics Board of North Carolina's legislation.
How is it eugenical sterilized victims who passed away before 2013, are not victims, who must be granted same compensation as the living victims?
Elitistsvwrite legiskation policies. It's elitist racist legislation, to evade the constitution bc the victims are mostly black american women.
Let me question with due respect to victims of naziEugenic extermination camps, whose descendants receive compensation for their ancestors. Japanesse internees also received compensation for dead relatives but elitists deny compensation to Native Americans, latinos& black Americans, bc they are not eliteJewishWhite but diverse breed of people still being unjustly seen& treated as inferior race by the ruling whiteJewishzElitist class!
Jewish descendants and victims should and were compensated rightly! But all other breeds of people whose ancestors were victims of forced State's Eugenical sterilizations or their descendants, they too must be equally compensated!

O Wendel Holmes hid his racist agenda by burning his letters& diaries and editing the scarce letters he left after excluding his sociopathic inclinations, then and only then allowed a cleansed biography of himself. But undoubtedly tbi compounded his racial hatred against Non- white-jewish breeds of poor class people.
But his own legal rulling in Buck vs Bell indicts him as a racist machiavellian white Aryan embodyment leader, involving 32 State's victims of State's forced sterilization of UNDESIRABLE POPULATIONS, immigrants, people of color, poor people, people of color, unmarried mothers, the disabled, the mentally ill and Holmes upheld state mandated federally paid sterilization, heavely in California against Latinos, native Americans... in a total of 32 States and soon was exported his Aryan Eugenics policy to Germany where the nazis applied it, costing 6 million innocents lives!
Hitletr admitedly wrote& i paraphrased Andrea Estrada, UC Santa Barbara "There is the United States, in which at least week beginnings are noticeable, towards a better conception of citizenhip" identified the USA!
Holmes's upholding of the aryan Eugenics law was euphemistic: the State has the right to protect itself against the proliferation of undesirable populations, inferior or dangerous races!
But who Holmes& Hitler saw as dangerous inferior races: poor class people of diverse races who threaten their religious elitist breed& class
Holmes Eugenics policy was enforced in USA& Hitler's Nuremberg laws/ Nurnberger gesetze racist laws, from Sep 1935, singled out mostly poor class but educated& orthodox jews and later added, roma gypsies& blacks... to protect the alleged purity of their blood, for the good of the state, and as in the USA segregated, discriminated and imprisoned them at the care of badshooshoos kapos and later decided to subject their State's 6 million of innocent victims to unjust Shoah.
And when defeated, except a token of them, nazi soldiers mostly were not prosecuted for crimes against humanity
Whereas Holmes's naziEugenic policies that violated human rights& the 14th Amedment of the USA, did implicitly gives then to even presently inmunity and impunity to every one involved and as we speak right now the aryan naziAmericans ICE& prison officials in asylum seeking concentration camps, are being unconsentedly eugenics sterilized
As you can see from the racist elitist policies of Holmes& Hitler both are of Jewish roots, both werebl injured in racist wars and as badshooshooes elitists feel with the right to extinct who they perceived genetically inferior race, danget to their hoarding elitists theocratic class: poor class diverse racial breeds.
In fact this is admitted at O W Holmes legal opinion in SCOTUS's Buck v Bell:
" The State sacrifices the best men and surely has the right to terminate unfit people....It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility,
society can prevent those who manifestly are unfit from continuing their kind
Compulsory vaccination/Sterilization, is broad enough to cover cutting the fallopian tubes. Three generations of imbeciles are enough!"
Her mother & Carrie Buck were no degenerate criminals but framed to suffer injustice by elite Aryans to preserve their classdominance& economic hoarding. The Dobbs where Carrie worked avoided their rich rapist nephew who raped Carrie, from going to prison, they concocted and interned her in one of those instotutuons for criminals, wihout her having committed a crime but being a raped victim carrying a child. The institutional racism did the rest and Holmes& Brandeis along other 6, voted 8-1:to endorsed eugenics of sterilization by unconstotutionally denying her 14th amendment's due processs & the equal protection of the laws, violating her right to jury trial, 4th amendment rights fron m unwanted instrusion on her body, etc. Badshooshhoos Holmes& Brandeis policy lives and Fuhrer Trump is pushing to add another Justice Holmes follower to SCOTUS and rushing a compulsory Covid Vaccination, reqquires for us, to deter evil fuhrer trump from imposing withbthe new imposed justice replacement for our icon Ruth B Ginsburg, to peacefully protest, we the people want to decide in this electiobs, who we wantbto nominate next year as replacement for RBG and tell evil fuhrer trump enough of stepping on our necks and killing us with forced vaccination& carbon Pandemic and CoVid Pandemic and Covid Starvation, police kneeChokeholds and unjustly being murdered by police guns
#BrethrenTakeYourFoot offOurNecks
#PoliceTakeYourKneeOff ourNecks

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