EmperorGov without clothes, his banks& bankers& money launderers!

EmperorGov without clothes& his racqueteer banks& bankers& money launderers!

Retired academicians like myself spent countless hours gathering empirical data& footnoting our sources to write academic publications & presented them to our peers and public. But my academic career didn't change or abrogated climate catastrophe caused by carbon pandemic & this hoarding carbon economic model that rules the present world! So I'm not going to waste anymore in perpetuating the failed western academic model that rules in universities across the world but speak the simple language of the people here and now.
People in the world listen & mostly follow the monopolar USA's economic, political,social& culture of democracy& justice the american way& religion.
I remind you buyer beware of what you are buying from gov controlled goods& services, its not what it appears& what you perceive& therefore it may not profit you!
Case in point: you assimilate and regurgitate american values and their icons, begin to apparently being listen to, but if you are not elite carbon rich& you start questioning some of those values& icons you'll be told "go back to your country" & you'll be framed, they will collude, prosecute you retaliated against and they will rotten you behind bars for a crimen you haven't committed at all.
The USA' Department of Treasury/USDT & the department of Justice/DOJ handle money problems.
USDT' Financial Crime enforcement network/FinCen handles more than 2 million suspicious crime transsactions worldwide, filed by the biggest jewish banks after they process money laundering, financial crimes, tax evasion transactions...and after charging fees& profitting with the suspicious crime transaction/SARs, postfacto, then& only then too little to late, they report it to the USDT and these banks never get prosecuted nor given a slap on the wrist, except rarely, while these badshooshoos banker- informants have been getting billions in profit from these kinds of dirty money, they are safe informants who can keep profitting sonlong theu file their disclaimers of crime of having been co accomplices of these narcotrafickers, money launderers, ponzi scheemers, thief gov's ministers...they are not prosecuted by the USA's justice Department& not even investigated or charged for aiding and abetting or cleaning these countless trillions of dollars. Few money launderers have been prosecuted by the USA's justice Department. But these feds get angry and pissed off & they retaliate against a bank employee, who becomes a whistle blower and through the DOJ after the whistle blower who isn't profitting but denounces financial crimes, even when she is  not a member of the money laundering criminal syndicate, becomes their punching bag.
This whistle blower seeing countless SARs and FinCEN doing nothing, nor USDT nor DOJ, but they go after the anticrime whistle blower to silence her, prosecute, rotten her behind bars& murder  her for her crime: Telling the true  by whistle blowing against USA's departments, largest jewish banks and the money launderers.
Reality shows retaliation against a true american woman, a champion of justice for the people, a champion voicing for countless millions of workers& tax payers and 8 billion humans, now being runover for whistle blowing!
Our Humanity's and Americans' champion name is: Nataly Mayflower Sours Eduards
The banks involved in these racquets are: JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank TCA, BNY Mellon, Standard Charter Bank, HSBC, Barclays...
The term Antisemite was not coined by the dead victims of injustice& genocide but by living organized culprits who outshout any questioning of their dirty money source, hoarding, profits& elitist monopoly they hold, as a State within a State throughout the world and they are carbon corporations& bankers who finance 20x carbon pandemic genocide.
But these named carbon bankers who are inmune& impune informant- racqueteers have their breed of people at most Govs and they are of the calibre of Clark Clifford, Paul Manifort, Roger Stone and rather than in vestigating& prosecuting these bankers who are involved in countless millions of criminal transactions involving not only two trillion dollars but countless trillions of dirty money and profitting countless billions. They shut off in every country controlled by the mighty, not to investigate or suffer the consecuences of economic warfare. It is the Gov that shuts off the whistle blower who is denouncing them & bankers who are washing outp laundered money into clean money without paying taxes, thereby attempting not only against 333 million americans but 8 billion humans, hencr commiting not only tax evasions, grand larceny, but by hoarding trillions of ill gotten dirty moneyo, cause famine, unemployment and destroy our economy in America and in the rest of the world.
You see this elite breed of racqueteer State within a state are parasites who feed off the hosts: Americans& Humanity, and they are guaranteed inmunity & impunity &laugh at our laws, laugh at law enforcers, bec these law enforcers are of the same breed of people and their inmunity reaches the president, who when Roger Stone was found guilty and has to serve in prison for his crimes against our society, he laughed at the sentencing federal judge and later after comunicating with the president through 3rd parties of his same elite breed of people, they informed him, the prosecutors were forced out of their prosecutorial jobs and he would be listening from the president himself.
Roger wait and eventually came publicly, and it denounced prosecutorial overzealousy and that poor Roger was Antisemitically abused and he deserved pardonning andvwas pardoned and free he campaigns like before to have his president reelected!
Paul Manifort with friends in high places what can he fear, but be presidentially portraded an alleged victim of Antisemitism by an over zealous prosecutor, so money launderers and bankers have nothing to fear but fesr itself bc their breed of people are in contril of the State within the state and theybare a o e the law for being white badshoooshoos and to these level of corrupt justice, they call it, " Justice the American way"
But true justice doesn't reward whistle blowers for being champions of Americans and of humanity and suffer callous unjustice.
Let's all suport our champion and whistleblower Eduards's cause by standing by her side to the end till they release her from this unjustice!
We need governments who enforce the laws like Itzak Rabin, who was honest, brave and cared for Goodshooshoos and his neighbors!
If you can donate for the legal fund of Edwards, please do so directly to her. If you can't, please stand by her side bc no fair& just jury will ever convict Edwards, who didn't profit a penny nor caused any life loss, except the unfounded allegations of the complicit gov who refuses to shut down these inmune, impune and profiteering racqueteer banks& bankers, with dirty money!
Those are the reasons, we tax payers who pay the fat salaries and fat pensions of gov employees, should not continue to tolerate this gov without clothes& his racqueteer bankers& money launderers!

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