FossilFuelClimateFires don't stop on Biden&:Trump's say so!

FossilFuelClimateFires don't stop on Biden& Trump's say so!

Our Mother is being genocided by carbon cprporations who cause this carbon pandemic& winter season is disappearing& we are being burn by FossilFuelClimatefires!
But unrepentant Carbon Corporations &their colluding G7& BRICS Govs keep lying alleging USA's west coast, Australian& Brazilian Pantanal fires & all other forest fires euphemistically believed as wildfires by the hand of god and furthe allege these fires, epidemics, deaths& destruction are predestined to happen bc their Mao Tse Jesus book said so, and at their churches they rejoice, " Wildfires, epidemics, death and Armagedon are happening and these are the final signs before MaoTseJesus return descending from the clouds, to give us a millenium of peace"
These are not caused by god but the carbon Corporations' carbon pandemic, which raised the temperatures, which are melting not only our permafrost&glaciars but these highly flamable greenhouse gases are dring and burning our forests and burns our brothers& sisters as human torches along with more than 70% of our biodiversity and taking us on the road not to a millenium of peace, but inmediate extinction!
This year's west coast # FossilFuelClimate fires will cost us over a 100 billion dollars, food prices will sky rocket along with inflation & we'll experience FossilFuelClimateFires' famine, caused not by a non-existing god but carbon Corporations' fossil fuel/carbon Pandemic!
# JoinCivilDisobedience
# AroundOilRefineries

# StopOilSubsidies

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