...gassing us while telling us, "Mitigate, be resilient& adapt to Climate change"

Don't believe these carbon gas genociders who are gasing us while telling us, "Mitigate, be resilient& adapt to climate change"

Innocent trusting jews, after having then register, were taken in and promised they would all make it to the promised land. WarII kept everybody employed and when the Nazis were battling for 3 years in Stalingrad, the biggest war front, carbon corporations industrialists in Germany began to cut corners and famined inhumanly, dissenter imprisoned jews. And when Typhoid fever reached the forced labor camps, the Nazis inhumanly told them " mitigate it by being resilient &adapt" and then they forced them into the ovens and gassed them to death!

You may say that is gone and forgotten but it is not, bc:
The same carbon corporation industrialists& bankers, who bank rolled Hitler to power and gassed our ancestors and their friends with Zyklon B gas& after the imposed peace, were compensated for their factories being bombed by Allies, are gasing us to premature death, with Methane, Carbon dioxide& 1k deadly chemicals used in hydraulic fracking, while promising us carbon zero by 2050, when its too little too late!

As these carbon Corporations&colluding gov had promised the imprisoned jews to take them to the promised land but gassed them in mass! Nowadays these same actors of State power& Cheaters of the Paris agreement, wIth increased carbon Pandemic have caused forests fires, throughout the world, have made our homePlanet into this giant dry and deadly hot oven& gasing us with methane, carbon dioxide& 1k deadly chemicals used in hydraulic fracking.
Let's join Massive Civil Disobedience till we abrogate Carbon, else the over 7 million humans who are gassed and killed prematurelly annually, will grow into billions and by then it will be too little to late to save ourselves, our children& grandchildren!
#JointMassiveCivilDisobedience to #AbrogateCarbonNow!

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