Gobbelian Presidents who made lies into true news...

Gobbelian Presidents who made lies into true news: countless genocided citizens to perpetuate their carbon business as usual!

Bernstein's legendary Investigative journalist partner, Bob Woodward is made headlines through the globe again.
About CoVid19, did the president know& when did he know it?
These 2 questions may never be answered unless congressional impeachment proceeding were to be succesful against a president who is made Gobbelian lies and executive inmunity into true arguments, in his personal life as well as his political life.
The mightiest country is racially& carbon polarized and these polarization & the answer to those questions are central to the presidential outcome of this Nov3 Election, yet normalcy may never come back for the USA& Mother Earth, due to unjustified&unnecessary and unacceptable deaths of a quarter million Americans dead by CoVid19& over 7 million humans killed by Carbon Pandemic spoused by the president & CarbonJoeBiden.
According to Woodward's interview of the president, he admitted knowing CoVid19 existed and was striking USA but chose to minimize its impact to spare Americans the anguish& anxiety and its negative impact in the economy, bc he was going to solve it to keep the american economy growing as never once before.
The greatest tyrants are well intentioned as the President, who promised to make America great again, and bend it to its knees with a quarter million Americans dead unncessarily bc he hid the truth of deadly CoVid19 threatening not only the economy but the health& life of americans and callous, secret& irresponsibly exposed us to death by 1] hiding it, 2] denying it, 3] refusing us CoVid tests and inciting people not to wear masks nor keep social distance, 4] Exposing us to die with CoVid bc he refused us a National plan of defense against CoVid, 5] obstructed justice & efforts from his own gov departments to head off CoVid but ordered them publish altered facts to protect adverse effects against the image of his presidency 6] Extortion other nations to line up with him or suffer the consequence of lack of antiCoVid medications and future CoVid vaccines his govt had purchased from pharmaceuticals in advance of licensing them and presured the CDC& FDA to license them by Emergency Law

Whether all of the above is true or not, we don't know and short of a syccesful congressuonal impeaxhment may never know but the fact remains, the president has declared, " The media is all fake news", "I alone can save you" and the indeniable fact remains, a quarter million citizens are irresponsibly dead& annualy over 7 million humans are carbon Pandemic killed and there is no way to deny these truths nor hide the victims of his irresponsible CoVid19 policies.
CarbonJoeBiden who is irresponsibly absent from his congressional work has failed to do his congressional job and responsiblity and let the president's irresponsibility go inmune and impune for this quarter million american victims and over 7 million human carbon pandemic victims.
& what we as humans are going to do, to remain alive under the peril of Carbon Pandemic, Covid19 pademic, Covid unemployment, CovidFamine, Covid Pandemic?

Among the president's foreign puppets are J Bolsonaro& Jeanine Anez
Bolsonaro is caused irresponsibly countless brazilians deaths and indigenous deaths by CoVid& Anez who was forwarned by Dr Felipe Campos & requested on Dec 2 2019, to close Bolivia to avoid Covid19, but she refused and presently has broken the Nal sanitary condition of Bolivia & refuses coVid detectio8 tests and respirators to Bolivians, has desapered almost 8 billion RIN USD & over 3 billion dollars and now Anez as Carlos Mesa, lives by international charity to pay salaries& still colluding with Mesa are preparing election fraud if cancelling electionas fails.
The fact remains J Anez has caused 10K deads and committed genocides: Sacaba, Senkata, Samaipata& Colcapirhua!
If Anez&Mesa were not to cancel elections & indigenous do not win elections by getting 50% of the votes, Mesa& Anez colluding together, will perpetuate themselves in Bolivia unjustly and give away trillions of dollars in lithium, oil, gas, gold and millions of hectares in amazonian rich land for transgenic soy& for red meat industrial corporatist farming, to their master Trump!

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