Gov&Carbon Corporations keep injuring Biodiversity& us with Steam fracking& oil spills!

Gov& Carbon Corporations keep injuring Biodiversity& us with Steam fracking & oil spills!

CalGem, the California State regulator agency is full with former oil staffers who don't want to clamp down on Carbon Corporations, where they were recruited from, creating conflict of interest!
Gavin Newson portrays himself antiOil but he gave them & gives themselves protection from their criminal behavior and doesn't get them prosecuted or fined for exterminating biodiversity irreversibly with their countless thousands of oil spills annually and doesn't even demand for them to clean their own deadly oil spills! On the contrary G Newson like Jerry Brown rewards them by paying with our tax dollars for the cost of cleaning their oil spills and practically is allowing irresponsibly blasting oil with steam fracking and letting them collect the oil on the surface as in early 1800 rush oil fever years, and doesn't enact laws to demand these genocider oil corporations to improve their obsolete oil spilling technology and errors which are causing these fossilfuelClimateFires in the west coast of the USA.
Gov& politicians as Newson& Biden& colluding oil corporations are causing us this irreversible climate catastrophe that is burning us with fossilFuelClimateFires and taking us on the road of extinction!
Gov is not going to save us from extinction but the people so peacefully join to #AbrogateCarbonNow and let's not endanger our lives to vote for either carbon Biden or Carbon Trump bc we need to remain healthy& alive to take care of our children& grandchildren bc these irresponsible politicians, carbon corporations& the state will not take care of them if they kill us with carbon Pandemic, steam fracking, CoVid19, etc!

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