Govs are attempting to impose State Terror, to vaccinate& increase carbon pandemic globally!

Govs are attempting to impose State Terror to force vaccination& increase carbon pandemic globally!

Undoubtly olygarchicElites acting within and without gov, control Gov and are having the Gov to collude with Carbon Corporations by pushing to criminalize dissent by classifying ordinary crimes as "Terrorism".
But when their Aryan carbon dead squats Militiamen like Kyle Rittenhouse shoots our peaceful protestors, the state doesn't call it terrorism or when police kills people of color instead of simply arresting and letting the jurybdecide guilt or inocence of the arrestee, they reward the police with overfunding to keep increasing their control& carbon emissions by fear& State terror!
Case in Point, Macro's media& his security czar magnified Charlie Hebdo's 2 victims by Islamic kniffer, into declaring it is an attack against "our country" when its no more than an ordinay crime, but the french State is criminalizing not only the involved persons but millions of islamist as terrorists, that infact have not perpetrated any crime against France.
Macro's gov action of classifying all Islamic as terroristz, is the facist repetition of Hitler claiming an isolated attack against a german border military post, was and act of war against the germanState and he unjustly punished all polish by invading.
A parlamentarian comission of the EU is demanding not only unconditional invasion of european and global citizens privacy to persecute them as criminals for their free speech/opinion against being vaccinated with politically rushed Sars- Covid2 vaccines and for people opposing carbon pandemic!
These State acts show the evidence of attempting to impose a police State in the EU and compulsory vaccination policy against the people by alleging, " its not about you, for its to ensure protection for others against Sars- Covid2, which is no more than Machiavelly's fascist policy by fear& State terrorism , "The end justifies the means to protect the State/the others"
When a State prepaid unsafe politically rushed vaccine is executed by injecting a piece of the virus SARS- Covid2 into your body, permanently destroy humanity's inmune system with which you are born and after being injected with it, you hsve no defense against pathogens and illnesses and you die.
Why to destroy your natural inmune system that has preserved humans since the primitive man to the post modern man.
It is politically rushed vaccines, when the State prepaid it without knowing it works.
Stage 3 clinical trial has to be tried on 1 billion volunteers for 10 years, to know whether it works or it doesn't work and what are the consequences of the vaccines on everyone of the 1 billion volunteers. Only after 10 years and after processing the empirical data and showing it works onneverone of those volunteers, then you may consider going to the line and only then getting vaccinated, meantime it is foolish toblet the State to inject annunsafe & ineficient vaccine, when we have already seen Aztraseneca's vaccine at phase 3 clinical trial has caused myeline degeneration but rather than cancel the trial of the astrazeneca vaccine, they continued it bc its huge filuture profits for pharmaceuticals that are at stake, so they went on with the trial and when 2d patient got ill, but greed being bigger, astrazeneca went on.
These pharmaceutical's& media, irresponsibly don't care for our health and life and for our xhilsren's and grandChildren's, they only care for profits and glory!
Their sample is a meager 10k and not 1 billion and not 10 years but few days of observations and politically rushed to be produced by election day, &;that for me, is unsafe and we are not going to be vaccinated, they can shoot us but we'll keep iposing their unsafe & ineficient vaccine, bc govs& carbon corporations want to have us vaccinated and tell us, " now we can go back to normal life by increasing 20x carbon emissions and listen beggars line up &you will get carbon tax"
No, we don't want their carbon tax bc, these deadly carbon gases, methane and 1k deadly chemicals used in fracking will genocide us mass after mass and this miserable carbon tax, won't resurrect us from death and our children& grandchildren will suffer!
Mr Biden & mr Trump along Mr Macron want to harms us, the same way! In fact, they don't want to defund their killer police.
Matter of fact, Mr Trump who pardons his elitists criminals, banks and bankers, money laundering and washing dirty money into legal money, he is threatened to order his Justice Department, to prosecute governors forbsedition, simply because he hates Governors for allowing citizens exercise their constitutionally mandated grievances against killer- gang member police!
why don't you carbon corporation and govs don't understand, we humans want to live: Abrogate Carbon Now!
Since they refuse to listen, massively we have to engage peacefuly in civil disobedience around the oil refineries, oil seaports&pipelines until they abrogate carbon!

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