People of the free world:
The Authoritarian Chinesse Gov has salvagely attacked our Hong Konger siblings with chemical weapons, brutalized & has arrested them ilegally!
These massive violation of Human rights of Hong Kongers is absolutely inhuman, uncivil& unacceptable under any standard of law!
Over 300 Hong Kongers were Human rights violated by the Authoritarian Chinesse gov and the leadershipp is unjust& unlawfully arrested by missuse of National Security law.
If all 1200 million chinesse were under imminent danger of loosing their lives, the gov could consider invoking the National security law, but there is absolutely the absence of Chinesse loosing their lives and there is no sedition nor terrorism on the part of Hong Kongers, hence it's totally unacceptable for the Chinesse gov to have oredered its chinesse governor in Hong Kong to apply the Natiobal Security Law.
If the chinesse Gov has any valid evidence against any Hong Konger, the gov needs to bring it to a court of law and based on evidence can request penal charges but abusively violating & arresting Hong kongers is unconstitutional, ilegal& unacceptable.
Like in Bolivia, governor Lam has been denying them the right ro elect the best Hong Kongers who can represent the people, and denies their right to vote through delaying elections like Ane in Bolivia, under the excuse of CoVid19! But its all a lie bc Hong Kong has one of the lowest % of CoVid Victims!
If the Chinesse Gov wants to insist on their fabricated allegations against Hong Kongers, it has the duty to provide a competent attorney to represent the accused, in an open public trial and not in  secret trials in very distante chinesse cities bc it amounts to internal deportation before the trial and before substantiating any guilty findings!
Take protest signs and let's protest before the chinesse diplomatic posts on our own countries, to ensure they are released or at least given counsel to defend them before a public court and before allbthe people! Bc singling out their victims and conducting secret trials amounts to a police State who violates their human rights salvagely, as the chinesse Government is doing it to Hong Kongers through Lam's police, is evidence of State terrorism against peaceful& unarmed civilians.
Our duty is to protest against the chinesse gov embassies and consulates, bc we need to ensure the innocent arrestees' welfare and whereabouts.
With more govs turning authoritarian under the mask of Democracy, tomorrow it could be us needing support to remain alive and free!
Today we must protest for Hong Kongers, bc tomorrrow it could be us needing solidarity protests to keep us alive, well and free! And let's demand our respective governments, to punish economically the Authoritarian chinesse gov!
Brothers& sisters Hong kongers we express our solidarity and empathy with you and your families & denounce your just opression by the Chinesse authoritarian gov!
Long live Hong Kongers!

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