How are we goint to stop carbon corporations& Govs from continuing to injure&kill is with deadly carbon emissions?

How are we going to stop carbon corporations&Govs from continuing to injure& kill us with deadly carbon emissions?

As you can see from this investigators' journalistic report, we stand to lose our health& lives in addition to permanently loosing our flora& fauna.
These life threatening oil& gass and deadly Hydrogen Sulfide threatens us daily for such long decades& CalGem& Fed OSHA& the fed Gov & California Gov Newsom are part of these collusion with the named carbon corporations and they are going to keep injuring and genociding us! How are we going to peacefully stop them and save our health and our lives and the future health and life of our growing children and grandchildren?:
Let's not vote for either #CarbonJoeBiden nor #CarbonTrump bc they admitted they will keep fracking and increasing to 20X deadly Carbon Emissions!
#JoinMassiveCivilDisobedience to #AbrogateCar onNow

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