J Anez mounting final Acts to justify unleashing bloody Auto Coup D'etat...

@ JeanineAnez mounting final acts to justify unleashing her bloody Auto Coup D'etat under the excuse of saving Bolivians!

Montero, Santa Cruz DeathSquadParamilitary ambush attack, confirms the pattern of compellent evidences for imminent fascist genocide, against indigenous Climate Defenders in Bolivia by Latifundio-cattlemen-mining robber barons by means of Machiavellian State terror& ethnic cleansing annihilation:
Former Brinksman MallkuFelipe Campos, a survivor of CIA's Garcia Meza's Bloody Black August Coup D'etat 1980 in Bolivia is long forwarned belagueared presidential candidate resignation of Anez, is a cover up, because Anez the lead Genocider, is mounting the final acts to justify her upcoming Auto Coup D'etat alleging she is going to stop: Violent deadly civilian massacres,Anarchy, to preserve Territorial integrity of Bolivia&Pademic Covid19.
This upcoming Coup is her last resort to avoid the imminent election victory of Arce- Choquehuanca of MAS
There won't be Octuber 18th presidential elections nor a congress, which is the only constitutionally elected body of all the powers of the State of Bolivia.
Please, peacefully organize small groups to survive and resist with courage, sweat, tears and blood a PinochetazoUstachaNaziGenocide of peaceful and unarmed indigenous climate Defenders!

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