JeanineAnez in re: Your lack of evidence constitutes difamation!

In re: Your lack of evidence constitutes difamation!

@ JeanineAnez Self proclaimed Difamator why don't you have compelling evidence& you can't show nothing against your difamed political victims @AlFerdez& @Evoespueblo?
We're retired academicians& Indigenous and have presented compelling evidence of your multiple genocides, HR violations, racism & corruption WachaUSTACHAnazi you are an incorregible self-victimizing dictator, while you continue to genocide indigenous with Covid-Famine, CoVid Pandemia and your in- progress Auto Coup D'etat, because you &OAS can't defeat us in the upcoming election?
You deserve a penal trial for the coup you unleashed Nov 12 2020 and you hsve another on the way& refusing to bring air orne water tankers to turn off the fires over 10 million hectares you are arsoning for your Latifundio's soy and red meat& covid deaths you are causing for having refused to quarentine Bolivia since dec 2 2019 & not producing nor importing much needed respirators for countless covid19 victims & committing corruption, along with Mesa, Camacho, Murillo, Lopez, A Quiroga, Almagro&OAS!
Domitila Mamani M
Sept 23th 2020

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