In re: Pushing your way into your victims homes!
Dear @JoeBiden:
Exercising my peaceful freedom of speech express, question why dou speak through the sides of your mouth and don't look at people's eyes?
Just like Hillary, you speak through the right side for your mouth to get republican carbon bankers to fund raise millions for your private electoral race and your right arm to seized the booty.
And speak through the left side of your mouth and left arm to twist the victims' families arm, to coerce and get into their house and use the widow of G Floyd and his orphan to self proclaim your hero compassion, then get before Jacob Blake, his wife & family and self proclaim your self hero compasion for them. This is your lifetime political pattern to bask gloriously as a compassionate hero to manipulate people of color to vote&; make you president. But you are feigning to be a compassiobate hero, bc suffer incurable Munchensen's syndrome, and that's why you get them choquehold and or murder to then turn and present yourself as the widows and orphans savior and in this case Jacob Blake's hero savior who has the habit to promise salvation but never does, bc after using them you forget them and move on to parade yourself in the next victim's heart broken family.
How hipocrital your acting, because you have known all your life with your super predator omnibus law & policies you were incarcerating five fold these very victims sonce 1994 and you hsvr had over 25 years to abrogate tour malicioys racist omnibus law, same eith your Freedom act, youl have refused to abrogate it in congress& your big brother authoritarian big brother gov masked as a democrat, is opressing and invading our privacy and breaking our covensnt of the peace in our homes, our persons, our stuff, etc.
You've talked all your life of law and order with which you are killing through your police which you converted innmilitarized police as VP & turned our streets in America into a combat zones, but you well know, the unarmed people are peaceful yet you treat us as enemy combatants by applying your same rules of combat engagement which you and Obama imposed it kin middle eastern oil countries, now you& your evil Twin Trump ate doing it against us tax payer citizens. Your values have always been state terror disguised as law and order but you armed your confederate aryan white death squats through the 2nd amendnent and gun laws and they shoot at us and then turn themselves to your overfunded police.
All your life you refuse to defund your killing police actong as judge, jury, prosecutor and executioner. That's how you changed our constitutiobal rights along oilman George H Bush who is fundraising to have you elected in exchange to continue subsudizing oil, and fracking five fold, even though you know your genocidal oil is genociding humanity by gassing us with deadly methane, carbon gas, 1k fracking chemicals, but you keep stretching your failed car on tax from your vicepresidential 8 years& are shocing it through our throats in the Paris agreement, which you lifetime oil man, bankrolled by oil corporationns, you have converted the Paris cheating Agreement into global carbon stock trade market with double carbon credit and your carbon tax.
So you are killing us with carbon pandemic& through the above named laws, which carry your name in all of them and killing us through your aryan racist overfunded police.
So you play both sides, overfunding your killer police and forcing your way into your victims homes & families, besides cillecting money along with Harris, for a senatorial job you are not performing your paid job but campaigning for your private election with our paid tax dollars.
JoeBiden challenge you to stop police killers and death squat militiamen by abrogating the 2nd amedment, that unnecessaryly arms them with deadly guns to impose your terror policy on the people!
Get out of your victims' homes and go to work in congress and abrogate funding for the very overfunded police who executes without trial, people of color and yet you refuse to abrogate your laws which you call justice plans.
Certainly they are your justice plans and you and Harris who prided yourselves of your killing police and refuse to defund them.
Yet, unscrupulously you will continue pushing your way to your next victim's home and parade countless pictures to get yourself elected instead of abrogating your justice laws that executes people of color and won't even introduce a bull to stop police executiobs of innocent people of color and when you con yourvwaybinti the white house, you admitted you will kill genociding us with fracking oil pandemic and nothing will change on the contrary secretly you will eliminate us to the cemetery or unjust incarceration
But know, people are learning through your painful hemlock carbon gas& your overfunded killer police, who you armed with war forbidden tear gas, chemical weapovs, armourbcarrwira, assault rifles and executions theough your 2nd amedment death squat militiamen and your killer police but after people learn the hard way, they' ve been deceived, they will be questioning and asking you yransparence& accountability for your imposed terror laws, with which you governed as a VP, and how long will it take before you have to be accountable to people?
Reply and stop hiding like a stealth candidate and showing up at victims homes. I challeng you to go back to congress along with Harris and abrogate your omnibus law, abrogate your police bc 333 milliobs of ordinary citizens, we don't need them. Its is only carbon rich corporate heads or terrorbig brother gov who need them subsidized for free to look after their hoarding property, for we have nothing tonbe stolen but our lives and health.
Will you stand and answer or keep hiding as coward and con man and carbon genocider same as your evil Trump, but you are more secretive & quiet neutralizer of people who question you!
Domitila Mamani M
Sep 4th 2020

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