@ JoeBiden& @ RealDonaldTrumpWhy aren't u abrogating your carbon pandemic that's burning our citizens, forests& cities? (Part2)

@ JoeBiden & @ RealDonaldTrump
Re: Why aren't u abrogating your Carbon Pandemic that's burning our citizens,forests&cities? (Part2)
Dear Caudillos:
Why do you double talk& talk& talk empty words but produce no good actions nor good fruits but narcissism, self righteousness& self serving your own interests rather than serve 333 million Americans& produce the common good?
Have you no eyes, no ears, no brain& no heart to listen the horrible agonic cries of humans, living beings being burned by your speeded up destructive carbon policies, which speeds up our deaths and extinction by forests fires from the USA's west coast to all the forests of our Mother Earth?
Both of you keep conducting your personal carbon economic policies & love to deny Climate catastrophe& debate ot for ever to keep perpetuating your Carbon Pandemic& endless oil subsidies under the excuse of protecting jobs from being wiped out by CoVid19 but the debate is over because we're experiencing climate catastrophe& forest fires, CoVid pandemic caused by your carbon Pandemic, which dries our forests with drought, permanent hot weather, methane, carbon dioxide& 1k fracking deadly chemical gases, which at the lightening or sparks or excessive farming fires, blast in massive uncontrolled forest fires& what did you do with close to a trillion dollars military budget anually?
Wasted in NeverEnding oil wars& weapons of mass destruction and unjust dead and injuries of millions NonAryan oil countries's citizens and you haven't brought back our troops nor have military water tankers to extinguish these deadly carbon pandemic causing forest fires that inside the USA have burned over 3000 americans& millions of innocent animals crying agonic cries of desperation which you chose not to hear nor see nor stop the carbon pandemic which cause these deaths by fire, as carbonNazis did to 6 million innocent dissidents, with your actions and policies you bothbare doing it to us and humanity.
You think the world moves around you and your milking carbon cow and your electuon to the presudency is more important, than the health, life and the common interest of 333 million Americans and of 8 billion humans!
How vain& narcissistic& sociopathic you both caudillos are that don't even care to talk about carbon pandemic, CoVid Pandemic, CoVid famine, coVid unemployment, global florest fires which you're doing it with your carbon policies & irresponsible destructive corporatist industrial transgenic flora& red meat.
Your own book of hatred, racism& genocide& Apocalypsis book says, "Not only of transgenic soy& read meat & carbon shall mankind live" bc once your carbon pademic with its forests fires, soy& red meat, ocean fracking for gas& oil& minerals destroy irreversibly our food chain, we'll famine to death& extinction and you won't be able to escape your own Armageddon to Venus where you wishfully think there is life, bc its an proven it can allow human life and wishful thinking leads to a mirage, but sure death and extinction!

Like Andrew Jackson& Hitler& George H Bush thumbing the book of hatred,racism& genocide& Armageddon, wishfully seeking a millenium of peace, you both are bringing a millenium of war, irreversible destruction by Carbon Pandemic, CoVidPandemic& with your arms race Nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction of Humanity, to satisfy your narcissistic unsatiable greed and like Jim Jonrs worship your cult of death& unproven life in the afterlife?
For ourselves& children and grandchildren we rather life here& now & not your unproven life in Venus but Mother Earth and not in your unproven afterlife, which is the road to premature death by carbon pandemic & CoVid Pandemic and eaten by maggots!
Thanks, but no thanks!
Why are you obsessed compulsive for law and order and intentionally overlooking CoVid Pandemic, you stopped enhaced unemployment payments to unsafely force workers, specially meat butchers to work at slaughter houses of JBS, Tyson foods, etc?
Your euphemistic Law & Order has been the means to rule by terror to keep submissive the people so penalty of being unjustly murdered by chokehold or bullets at the hands of your overfunded Aryan militarized police overarmed with billions of dollars in armoured carriers, assault rifles& war forbbiden chemical weapons with which you rule by terror, besides you both armed your 2nd amendment terrorist death squadsMilitiamen Patriot Prayer, proud boys, QAnon, etc and then you turned around and told over 40 million tax-payer workers, unjustly you deny us the 3.4 billion dollars that 51states, city govs& and workers need it, to make it through this pandemic year. Yet Carbon Candidate Biden you alleges GND will solve it all.
How your GND's token 65K Wind turbins could possibly solve when the needs are for millions of wind turbines?
How your GND token new guzzler fossil fuel cars in lieu of old guzzlers could possible spare us from your increasing 20 X carbon pandemic is causing us global forest fires that are burning countless people& flora and fauna, biodiversity & eco systems we depend on to survive the coVid pandemic brought by homeless half burned animals fleeing from deadly forest fires, compounded by Nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction?
You say you are saviors but you made withbyour policies a guant incinerator planet Earth, saturated with highly flamable carbon gas, methane and 1000 fracking chemicals, that are stuffing our lungs and blood flow with carbon gases and not only causing us deadly cancers but blast us as human pyres of fire as soon as forest fires reach us?
Your Aryan followers phone solicit us to vote for you, but how is changing Carbon Pandemic Trump for you Carbon Pandemic Joe Biden who compounds carbon pandemic deaths with Nuclear Mutually assured Destruction& No-trial execution by your Aryan overfunded police, going to make it better when you don't defund your militarized overfunded police& refuse ti ban fracking and even refuse to talk& solve the imminent threat of extinction by carbon pandemic& forest fires and bank on taking Trump's white republican voters to win the white house?
Should you keep refusing to abrogate carbon pandemic, Forest fires&CoVid Pandemic& keep denying over 40 million workers 2000 $us/ month, as we get evicted, don't cry when the people you deserted and forgotten, trying to survive homelessness, not vote for either of you carbon worshippers of death and extinction!
Domitila Mamani M
Sept 14th 2020

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