JoeBiden's& Trump empty talk, produce no solution nor abrogate carbon Pandemic&forest fires! (part3)

JoeBiden's & Trump's empty talk produce no solution nor Abrogate carbon Pandemic or forest fires!

Now in response to denouncing the irreversible carbon Pandemic, forests fires, CoVid pandemic, aryan police killings of people of color, caudillos Joe Biden& DTrump answered with their hopeless double talk but both continue to do nothing, to solve their genocidal carbon Pandemic, forest fires, CoVid Pandemic enacted policies.
As a matter of fact Carbon Biden calls his coal copy twin brother, CarbonTrump, "Forest Arsonist" without abrogating his own carbon subsidies& carbon Pandemic.
Carbon Trump responds to his evil gemini carbon twin, "there is no carbon causing forest fires"
And both unrepentant carbon pandemic genociders will keep talking against each other as self righteous, self serving narcissistic candidates, to election day, without enacting Carbon Abrogation now, bc they don't care for the agonic deaths of over 3000 innocent citizens& millions of animals, cubs, trees and cities, as they didn't care for millions of arabs, whose lives& counteies they have been destroying with their hopeless NeverEnding Oil wars, while pocketing over 10 trillion dollars their oil wars caused nor they care to bring home our troops, which should be fighting to stop forest fires burning our cities and homes but uselessly leave them stranded in oil countries while selfvappointing themselves as the best patriots, without being fighting their own caused oil wars and not fighting in their proxy wars either, despite HR NGOS have forewarned some of this victim countries like Yemen are in the brink of massive famine& Covid pandemic deaths, withbweapobs made , sold and profitted by these 2 carbon csndidates& their warprofiteer corporations, without the consent of 333 million americans but of their racist carbon elite State within a State.

Thrse 2 irresponsible carbon genociders of Americans & humanity talk of taking action but the only action they take are empty handed insulting speeches.
Trump evades his presidential irresponsibility to e everything that points at him and says, the forest fires are " bad forest management...the weather will get cooler and the forest fires wikl disappear"
It's not about forest management and as his carbon pandemic increases 20x, the forest get drier& any little spark causes forest fires, bc carbon gases are more active and highly flamable accelerant like gasoline.
Besides 60% of federal forests are his federal responsibility while K Newsom has been batling in 40% of the forest yet teump and biden have not allocated enough money to mobilize a greater amount of firefighters nor Trump or Biden have financed aerial water tankers to stop the forest fires burning our cities in the west coast, nor both of them ask the G7 or BRICS to send us help to control these carbon pandemic caused forest fires, bc borh are pompous arrogant asses who only care to become president at ant cost, incluiding ours and countless millions of burning animals and none of these 2 asses will wear firefighter stuff and fight the forest fires to electuon day, show us which of them takes real action to show us day after day in the forest fires front lines, they empathize and care for our citizens' , animals and forest that are being extincted irreversibly bc there is no existing market to sell us back the biodiversity and ecological systems these 2 candidates are costing us with their destructive carbon pandemic policies& forest fires.
The climate catastrophe debate is over, bc scientists and science have proven these compounded deadly changes are due to carbon pandemic.
Case inpoint, professor of environmental Analysis Char Miller, is substantiated, "all the changes that were not taken in the past, are due in the present and adverse climate change is a reality"
Biden& trump have dedicated their lifetime, to increase carbon emissions like destructive apocalyptic horses with blinders, they only pursued& still pursue carbon economic growth and didn't care& still don't care we, our cities and our forests and glaciar ice are being burned & melting irreversibly and we 're paying their irresponsible carbon policies' permanent consequences.
These 2 refuse to change and abrogate carbon now and besides not voting for them but confronting the fire, we don't expect FrackingBiden nor FireTrump will ever abrogate the cause of forest fires: Carbon Pandemic.
Election of Biden or Trump solves nothing but compounds it NeverEnding Oul wars & Nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction. So only the people will save the people and that means sooner than later we have to #JointCivilDisobedienceAroundOilRefineries, oil seaports, oil pipelines to #AbrogateCarbonNow, in order to survive from carbon pandemic that stuffs our lungs and body with deadly carbon and genocides us in this giant oven flooded with carbon gases which politicians& carbon corporations have converted our HomeEarth into a hot oven that is genociding us anually by more than 7 million people prematurely being killed by carbon gas, methane and a thousand deadly chemicals used in fracking, that causes deadly earthquakes and poisons our food chain, underground water, soil& the air we breath every second of our lives and causes these deadly fires that are burning us alive!

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