L'shanah Tovah(Starts tomorrow at sundown)

Many goodshooshoos have suffered the unjust yoke & inhuman genocide imposed on our ancestors, who attempted to save their children by sending them away to be safe from harm by the Aryan III reich, were later themselves imprison by evil Gestapo.
We remember being taught #NeverAgain, yet few decades later in this millenium, we've seen Aryan D Trump conducting racism in the name of democracy and alleging Make America Great Again, he is unleashed chokeholding police and fed agents with non-identifiable uniforms and no ID cards and assault rifles and militarized police onnarmour carriers in our streets converting themninti combat zones against Americans, and mostly against Non-Jews asylum seekers& emigrants and has mass arrested them even in times of deadly CoVid pandemic, he is either imprison in concentation camps and/or deported the parents, after separating them off their children and many times he's given his victim's children to strangers. Trump's directives ordered Inmigration Jusges to order children standing on two feet barely, to defend themselves legally from deportation and dead in deportation, when the little angels couldn't even speak, were heart broken by being parentless or didn't even understand english or what was being done to them! And those who remained are still imperiled with high CoVid exposure in unsafe ICE crowded concentration camps!
What will happen to the parents still prisoners in CoVid infested concentration camps?
What will happen to these little children?
It reminds me of little Jewish children being in concentration camps& those having been sent away from their parents, incluuding my relatives as children, suffered excruciatengly most of their lives for their parents!
No money can repair the harm and their suffering! And no money will repair these emigrant offspring of asylee seekers' pain& trauma!
They are suffering what our jewish children now old citizens, still suffer for what they went through and yet it is happening to Non-Jewish children
In the midsts of CoVid Pandemia and Carbon Pandemia time!
Badshooshoos Trump is doing it to them and I am scared my Jewish children may become unjust victims of Aryans.
What must we Jewish people do to prevent it?
And how to prevent our children from becoming victims of Carbon Pandemic?
Who shall save us From the angels of death by carbon pandemic and nuclear holocaust: Biden& Trump!
Daily I pray for an Itzak Rabin peacemaker to guide us to survive! And you?

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