Mr @JoeBiden& @SenKamalaHarris why do you continue to refuse to fiscalize& audit these banks& bankers?

Mr Biden& Mrs Harris why do you continue refusing to fiscalize& audit these banks& bankers?

Its seems cool that USDT& USDJ track through FinCEN&UIT& punish the violators of an embargo against Syria, Iran, etc. But the Inconditional granting of Inmunity and impunity to these large badshooshoos international Banks by simply filing a liability release form named SARs/Suspitious Activity Reports, proves we have an Unipolar power rogue nation who polices every nation and everybody but is rewarding these very international banks&bankers of elitist badshooshoos breed of people who enrich themselves, even though they are the enabblers of money launderers and they themselves are syndicated racqueeters involved in large financial crimes and instead or rewarding we go against whistle blowers, but refuse to shutt down these criminal syndicated banks and bankers, bc without these latter ones, money launderes who are narcotrafickers& governments officials stealing from their countries, they can't transfer their money laundering without the coaching and aproving these criminal fiancial transactions through their banks and 30 days after proffiting with these ilegal transactions, these bank file their release of crime and release of liability called SARs and remain free to keep transactioning at least 3 million of these money laundering financial activities per year!
I don't know the outcome of 24 million SARs activities of tax evasions and from what year to the present these co-criminal international banks & govs keep doing it daily, and don't know hiw prevalent and incident these type of money laundering is happening but i know it reached Clark Clifford and his bank, it reached other international banks and Paul Manifort& Roger Stone...
Why are these financial crimes being perpetuated&
Why the Links keep reaching the US Gov and these international bankers and Mr Biden and Mrs Harris refuse to conngressionally fiscalize them & don't conduct daily audits of these big fish involved, but let it go on and on?
Is it bc these banks are financing with millions of dollars their presidential campaign against Carbon Trump?
What's the pint of incarcerated lifetime ordinary criminals with Biden's and Harris' 3 strikes your out& ombibus law, when the dillar amountbof their crimes diesn't even make 1% of the trillions of dollars, these co-criminal banks and bankers committ with money launderers, with free inmunity and impunity?
# GovIsTheProblem
# BanksRTheProblem
# ShutThemDown

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