Mr Zuckerberg why are you aiding & Abetting...violence...

In re: why are you aiding& abbetting recruitment&incitement to violence& violent terrorists acts by 2nd Amedment TerroristsMilitiamen?

I respect& support FB employees who atbthe cost of their own lives being imperiled& sacrificing their jobs at FB, have bravely denounced your policies through your FB managers are endangering the integrity of America, the lives of americans by your ongoing aiding and abetting recruitment& inciting to violence& violent terrorists acts against citizens, even after countless people had denounced the imminent attacks to take place, your inner circle of policy makers and yourself refused to abort them, and let it happen. You alleged iperational errors, but these are not siimple operational errors but aiding and abetting crimes by you having knowledge and yet let the crimes happennshortly after.
I am talking of armed 2nd Amedment terroristsMilitiamen such as Patriot prayer, QAnon, Proud Boys, etc, who you have refused to close their countles millions of accounts.
As a result of your economic profits there are orphans& widows whose fathers& husbands were murder by Kyle Rittenhouse& a third one wounded.
You have not compebsated the victims for their irreplaceable losses.
All your profits can't repair your criminal aiding and abetting acts nor resurrect your victims and the victims of Patriot prayer's Kyle Rittenhouse.
How much more do you in tend to profit at the cost of american victims?
Do you have a quid pro quo agreement with presidebt Trump to preserve your unconstitutional monopoly of 4 billion accounts in exchange to exempt him from your FB's moral& social standard which you apply to citizens but exempt politicians like him, who incite to violent acts against peaceful grievants protesting in the streets, " when the looting start, the shootings start"?
Why didn't you suspend him as you have suspended jewish grandmothers and mothers for their peaceful postings questioning president Trump and ICE deadly separations from their children and being handed back into the hands of their persecuting foreign govs?
As a jew you know this was done to 6 million innocent victims of nazis and they are happening again in USA now, yet you continue it, and don't want to suspend President Trump for inciting to deadly violence against American protestors, " when the looting starts, the shootings start"?
How many more innocent employees of FB are going to get rid of to continue your ongoing aiding and abetting those identified violent 2nd amendment terrorist militiamen, who use cars as weapons to murder protestors, and as Kyle Rittenhouse murder innocent unarmed Americans after using your FB for said crimes?
The US CONGRESS must shut your aiding and abetting crimes-FB global corporation.
Please refrain from retaliating against your employees who denounce said activities, bc Americans are educated people and won't believe they casually died, if their corpses appear, will be your sole responsibility bc, they denounced you& FB!
Attached Washington Post clip.
I await your public response.
Domitila Mamani M
Sept 8 2020

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