My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed" RBG

"My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed" RBG

We the People demand Ruth B Ginsburg's dying last will, be honored, respected and fulfilled& that a fair minded woman replace her at SCOTUS next year, so we the people can participate in the process of choosing a new Justice!

Jewish-American iconic goodshooshoos Justice Ruth B Gibsburg who bravely sentenced the Greatest truth on Trump, of being " a faker", which has been found been the truth, has died as consequence of carbon caused cancer, which she has fought long, short of her good wish, "My most fervent wish is that i will not be replaced until a mew president is installed" and short of her lifetime wish, "9 justices at SCOTUS be women"
Retired constitutionalist & social scientist Dr Felipe Campos with tearie eyes as countless people inAmerica and the world, heard of her departure, sentenced, "Under carbon pandemic, untimely we lost the concience of America, in the midts of Covid Pandemic, economic recession, polarization, impending police State& two feuding carbon presidential candidates. Iconic RBG's replacement will make or break not only the american justice system but the American society"

Meditating in the above, we are confronting dark times& long lasting adverse consequences for our society.
Confederate Aryan Fat Mr Trump, riding in his fat panzer tank, wants to nation build America in scorched earth if he is not allowed to continue for four more years to imposed his fat will of " Here are the CoVid Vaccines, make America Fat Again with 20x carbon emissions, and transgenic flora& fauna& red meat, bc Climate change is a hoax"
As a matter of fact, before the body of our beloved icon is cold and before us Americans pay tribute to her for her invaluable defense for Americans, women rights& the frail balance Trump is breaking by violating Justice RBG's Ginsburg last will, & already unleashing his blitzkrieg, presenting a list of 20 nominees for justice RBG's place at SCOTUS& Aryan confederate M McConnell who refuses to approve 3.4 billion dollars for over 40 million workers in much needed Covid Enhancement unemployment payments, rushed to present before the Senate Judiciary commitee to move on with it.
Americans do not dream with a savior coming mounted on a fat panzer mounted by Trump or Biden to save us from carbon Pandemic& CoVid Pandemic& polarization with this impending Nov3 election bc both carbon pandemic candidates have already said therevis a great election controversy coming due to mail-in votes and fuhrer Trump is already sentence, he will not accept any election that doesn't declare him the winner, compounded by the old problems of the obsolete electoral college & the hanging chads, which both parties are culprits for not having ammended to a system of majority vote, we are going to be dragged kicking and acreaming before either SCOTUS or Congress to decide whether Fuhrer Trump or caspian sea NeverEnding oil warrior SS commander HimlerBiden is the election winner.

Evil Fuhrer Trump twitted he wants RBG's replacement aproved right away, before we the people pay our respect to RBG and accompany her in her last journey, to usurp power like Bush the election thief stole it to Al Gore with complicity of Bill the incorregible Rascaland papa Bush's other son, because the new replacement will give Trump the Faker 6-3 votes to pay him back for his ultra conservative judicial appointment to SCOTUS.
Either we organize & dig out all the dirt to Fuhrer Trump's listed nominees', and peacefully protest before the Aryan Republican majority senate and the white house, to have him withdraw his list, bc its a lame duck season and a lame duck president in his way out& we want, "the American voters to decide who we want for a justice at SCOTUS and we demand RBG' last will to be respected, "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed" as a token of our Nation's love for her invaluable service to the people, women, black people violated over 400 years & emigrants in ICE's concentration camps, forcefully subjected to shocking nazi abuse by secret unconsented sterilization& more so under Carbon Pandemic, CoVid Pandemic, Nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction& irreversible climate catastrophe we're beginning to experience!
Hail to goodshooshoos Ruth Bader Ginsburg!
May you live in us to have your last will prevail in America!
# NeverAgainIsNow
# BrethrenTakeYourFeetOffOurNecks"

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