Not voting Not to become a victim of gun violence, stay home before&after election (Part4)

Not voting Not to become a victim of gun violence, stay home before&After election! (Part4)

The Statistical plausibility Nov3 elections won't be conceded by CarbonTrump and Joebiden is 51% alarming!

Its a tragedy and a pitty to be corned against our free will in these caudillos elections of carbonJoeBiden vs carbonDTrump Nov3 election!

The majority of American voters did not chose either of these evil carbon genocider candidates.
The carbonElite with their billions did and they are imposing it down our throat these carbon poisonous twins.
The problem that against our will will befall us, is dur to these narcissistic sociopathic carbon genociders who give a damn about our health, our life and the future of our children& grandchildren, bc both only care being elected, get richer& imposed their genocidal carbon perpetuation while talking about carbon transition with tokenism but both refused to solve the cause of human genocide by refusing to AbrogateCarbonNow.

Biden whose political career is based on carbon, countlessly subsidizing carbon, overfunding the military& police under the mask of law and order along with CarbonTrump have militarized our cities with billions of dollars in armoured carriers, assault rifles, war forbidden chemical weapons for their militarized police& federal unidentified agents, plus their aryan 2nd amedment dead squadsMilitiamen who are shooting and killing our own tax payer-citizens case in point, Kyle Rittenhouse, whose legal bill Trump is overfinanced by fundraising for him through his followers
Come Nov3 and when these controversial mailed votes don't yield victory for Biden, he'll rally his 2nd amendment Aryan militiamen and the military to defend his alleged victory.
Now remember Biden's carbon genocider twin, CarbonTrump, he is declared mail is the means to strip him of his election victory and he sentenced, he is not going to concede and he too has his Aryan 2nd amendment death squadMilitiamen to fight to death over his alleged victory.
Sadly theres is 51% plausibility this is going to happen. Yes we're alerting you of this upcoming compounding threat to our lives& our America!
Matter of fact Trump's higher ups like Assist Secretary of Health Michael Caputo who is pushing the CDC & FDA to aprove their politically rushed unsafe CiVid Vaccine before electuob day, is forewarned Americans, "..
you carry guns... buy ammo bc its going to be hard to get..."
These means imminent death threat to Americans.
As you can see both carbon genocider candidates, so long can be president, don't care for our health, life and future of our grandchildren& children.
Time to cool off and time for Congress to act, to prevent massive gun violence against us peaceful unarmed citizens& our families. Enact the Abrogation of 2nd Amendment or carry the responsibility of a low scale civil war and aprove a law making a crime to carry, transport or posses concealed or displayed guns of every kind, bc guns and deadly armed death squadsMilitiamen are a threat to the people's life and to America. And make ammo forbidden to posses, transport, to sell or purchase guns and chemical weapons like pepper spray, etc!

Biden and trump are not going to concede defeat and regardless who becomes president nothing will change for better but for worse!
Ice glaciars in the Antarric are detaching and melting and over 10 feet of sea level will increase and since these two carbon pandemic candidates offer no solution but false promises& denyals, we must diffuse the post election deadly violence being brought over the People, by stating home, before& after the election bc we need to be alive to care for our children abd granchildren, for if we are shot at by these 2 carbon candidates 2nd amendment death squadsMilitiamen, our orphans will be left helpless and prey to evil doers, so don't vote and staybsafe home. Safe from CoVid& safe from Biden's 2nd amendment gun violence, and from Biden's failed gun controls and Trump's happy trigger terrorists like Patriot Prayer, Proud boys, QAnon, etc!

Biden& Trump so easybgive countless trillions in subsidize to Their ekection carbon Corporations who arebfinancingbtheir campaign. BOTH don't care starving us and evicting us bc they have not aproved 2000USD/Month enhanced CoVid unemployment payments.

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