Open letter to Greta Thunberg& fellow climate Defenders in re: protests & the court option

Open letter to Greta&fellow Climate defenders:
Re: 5 fold increase of carbon& the court option.
Kara Greta and fellow climate defenders & of Mother Earth:
When we are winning a war we can't keep relying on a couple weapons to defend unjust deadly genocidal attacks, but use them all. I am not advocating violence, but peacefully appealing to this metaphor, i mean we are not winning the climate war because supranational state actors of power have increased receiving carbon subsidies & playing victims to Covid 19, have gotten from govs the means, policies& oportunities to increase 5 fold their carbon genocidal emissions & are getting at the carbon stock Paris Agreement market, legalized trading of carbon emissions, sugar coated with double carbon credit and carbon tax/metric ton.
Having spent half a century in different levels of courts know most suing parties go with expectations of justice, but come out mostly empty handed, at best with a little victory or a symbolic victory which doesn't change absolutely and wholly the problem, in this case the carbon Pandemic problem that threatens us with extinction!
We tried protests& now our children climate defenders are trying the courts.
The genocidal carbon pandemic gives us no time but few years which pass fast, for yesterday we were in our prime of life and today we're aging but the carbon pandemic keeps increasing.
But trying the courts is in the right direction but the odds against us.
Imagine our children win the suits at the UN and at Strassbrlurg, etc. The problem.will arise in enforcing that little victory:
How does the Strassburg victory will force USA and Brasil& Peru to stop their planned 20fold increase of carbon gassing us.
Against Brasil& Peru if the EU would economically punish them until they comply with the Strassburg court verdict, would be excellent but as you can see from the Amazon forest fires, the EU talks loud but doesn't punish them for burning Humanity's breathing lungs nc it keeps rewarding them with EU- Mercosur trade deal and consequently the amazon fires keep increasing.
Agaibst USA led by Trump or Biden, they are lifetime carbon men and they will toss the Strassburg verdict to the garbage bin. Same with a UN victory against USA, its unenforceable bc the UN is a hollow cane with no power& subsirvient to the US and the Security Council where the US or G-7 countries will veto it and keep gassing us with genocidal carbon pandemic.
How much can we wait and how long can our lungs withstand daily 700 mpp of deadly carcinogenic carbon gasses?
The annual 7 million himans killed prematurely by carbon gassing will rise to 700 million anually by 2030 and by 2040 will be 7 billion and by 2060 will be going extinct while BlackRock carbon corporations will keep selling legalized carbon stocks with a carbon tax.
You can't tax genocide with a carbon tax, bc the tax doesn't stop you from becoming a genocide victim of carbon gassing as Hittler's promise to ship our innocent jewish ancestors to a homeland, couldn't stop 6 million victims being gassed inhumanly by zyklonB gasses.
Today BlackRock carbon corporations like Shell who bankrolled Hitler to power along with JP Morgan chase etc... are genociding us with gasses, which they trade and these evil doers dont need to built ovensto gass us to death as they did along with the nazis, against 6 million innocent people, bc they have converted our planet into a hot oven, where they are planning to increade it 20 fold and gas us in this giant hot oven of planet Earth and there is no way to deny it bc over 7 million people are genocided annually by their genocidal methane, carbon gasses and 1000 deadly fracking chemicals.
Greta we have no time and protesting in oil empty streets doesn't stop deadly carbon(including oil) from.being refined, traded, transported& distributed.
Your advisors are misguided believing that protests in oil free streets and suits will defeat these genociders for carbon profit.
Imagine at 18th birtday you leading Massive civil Disobedience around Oil refineries, oil seaports&oulnpipe lines or even gas stations. It will decrease deadly oil being distributed& sold and if we massively continue with civil disobedience accompanied by our parents, overtime it colapses not only their prisons but the sales of deadly genocidal carbon and their carbon economy and these BlackRock genociders who kill presidents that opose their carbon interests,  but unable to distribute and sell carbon, would need to shift to a so lar& vegan market global economy and we still could live as humanity and all future generations would have a better future than face a marked for extinction humanity's future.
Domitila Mamani M
Sep 4th 2020

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