Open letter to@ JeanineAnezCh &@ CarlosDmesag in re: Your resignation& collusion are an incomplete deception!

Open letter to
Re: Your resignation&Collusion are an incomplete deception!
MrsAnez& MesaG:
I am a peaceful and exiled indigenous Climate Defender, NonParty member¬ a candidate, have no interest at stake in the overdue Oct18th election.
Like Dr Felipe Campos, I have survived unjust exile by GarciaMesa, Morales& your own dictatorship, w/o any due process nor any charge!
Tragically undemocratic contractee puppets Anez-MesaG, your Civic- military Coup D'etat Black Nov 12th 2019 was directed by your imperial master but executed by you&right wingers latifundio olygarch mining rosquero colluders, who masked as democratic comitted Genocides by decree 4078 in Sacaba, Senkata+ Samaipata& Colcapirhua. But coward, false& maliciously lying you blamed your peaceful& unarmed indigenous Climate Defender-victims of shooting each other but it was your military, police& Death squatsParamilitary civic youth who have the monopoly of weapons!
Undemocratically on Dec2 2019 you chose to endanger Bolivians by rejecting to CoVidQuarentine the people& kept exiled Mallku Felipe Campos, who requested the quarentine& later denounced you for committing genocides Sacaba&Senkata& along many others, caused you to revoke your Genocides by Decree 4078.
Undemocratically you refused to cancel incendiary decree 3973& committed undemocratic ecocides on over 10 million hectares, to give away in exchange of voting for you, to your cruceno latifundio cattle men for transg soy& red meat!
Undemocratically& Nepotistic& oligarchly you & your inner circle stole/ disappeared RIN Reserves+ 3 billion dollars in gifts& international ilegal loans condtioned Bolivia by IMF, to devalue our natiobal currency& Austerity shock therapy!
There is nothing democratic, liberty nor Honor, when keep hiding the true number of coVid19 Victims& refused to provide reactive CoVid19 tests to all Bolivians, broke the National sanitary system& denying respirators sacrificed physicians, nurses& countless indigenous who you racially hate & enriched with the money earned marked for respirators but you overpriced them, brought useless chinesse ones& ended stealing the money for respirators!
There is nothing of democratic, liberty nor Honor when you keep famining our people with your Dec2 2019 italian- Spanish CoVid And kill them with CoVid pandemic and judicially & maliciously you frame innocent congresswoman Eva Copa to prosecute& imprison her for enacting a law to feed them with 100dollars enhanced Covid payment!
Therebis nothing Democratic, liberty of Honor for your patern of acquiring secret ilegal loans from IMF conditioned to devalue our Nal currency & austerity shock therapy, which will kill our people with inflated prices of food and mass starved them with food they can't afford to buy for their starving children or themselves!
There is nothing democratic, liberty or honor for you who f pi rced her way against the people's will andvthen tou hsve continued not only to ignore the democratically ekected congress and do not resoext nor honor the laws or publ7sh them at the oficiak gazette bc you are unhappy congressional enacted law took away your dictatorial power to impose state of siege and order the military, + militarized police and your police embedded, civic death squads, to shoot at unarmed climate Defender -protestors!

Therebis nothing democratic, libery or Honor in closing the school year and abrogating public education& imposing your Pinochet private education from K-12& University, which will take our people into colonial slavery of pongos who have no right to education in our own country. Our grantparents& parents fought latifindio olygarchic mining rosquero judios Patino, Aramayo& Hohchild, militarynand police in 1952, for us their childrenbto get free public education& i am one of countless educated indigenous who holds a PhD degree and you want our children& grandchildren to be denied their right to free public education and become an iliterate pongo and our daughters to suffer your latifundio-ganadero masters' Derecho de Pernada and we reject it!

There is nothing democratic, liberty or honor for you two colluding with your imperial contractor to continue to impose their Monroe Doctrine of economic, political&social imposition of racial dominance.

Anez there is nothing democratic, libertarian or honor in your candidate resignation of candidacy, bc you betrayed your promise of being simply a 6 month transitional gov to election, when you have lied, deceived and scheme perpetuation of power and after the people has never stopped rejecting you and you got your own pollabshowing miserable 6% intent of vote for you, ordered by your imperial contractor you read in the teleprompter and diguised as a false red riding hood victim, pompously you played the victim who sacrifices herself alledging you resign bc you want to defend democracy, liberty& honor, but we all can see is your eternal act of playing the sacrificial victim. But you are colluding with MesaG and you are deceptive in your robotic speech and repetitive body language and deliberate ommissuon to name you are endorsing MesaG in exchange for inmunity& impunity and congressiobalbseats for your party& yourself.
Along withbyour imperial contractor you assume, your colludet MesaG, will produce the band wagon effect and voters like a heard will follow MesaG against Morales& MAS and Mesag, you assume all the oposition right wing po arties will jump on your wagon and you takebit for granted you will win.
You & your master and OAS Almagro are wrong, wrong, wrong in your winning assumptions!
Unlike Arce, you offered no economic plans to lead Bolivia positively out of economic recession& political crisis& out of the polarized social clash between the majority of indigenous Climate Defenders vs your CroatJewish white racist class.
You conveniently forget but the People doesn't forget nor forgive your 2003 Black Octuber genocide, compounded with your Black November Coup D'etat& Genocides by decree 4078 Sacaba& Senkata& later Samaipata& Colcapirhua!
Your 4 million Hectares of forest fires, your beggar gov& economic high inflation gov. Your cowardice& failed gov& shameful resignation in 2005.
Being a failed racist president, why then you seek the presidency when you know you are unifit and a failure as president who gifted our eternal enemy Chile & their mining corporations, millions of Dollars of undeserved compensation!
You seek the presidency not only to guarantee the give away of trillions of dollars in Litium, your imperial master, will remain in their imperial hands, rather than Bolivia's. And to save your colluding croatJews, in- cluding yourself& Doria Medina, from being prosecuted for having committed sedition, multiple genocides& economic corruption during your privatization acts, etc and the worst of it, is you are again involved along with Anez, Murillo, Lopez...AutoCoup D'etat which will be unleashed, should it fail your OAS electronic election fraud and to abort Arce from winning elections& occupying the presidential palace.
Though your side has the monopoly of weapons, when clashes happen, the people by its shear numbers may in the end prevail.
Yet there remain to be seen if your imperial master and yourself will succeed in reaching the presidential palace& remain there, bc by your treacherous actions and misguided& failed uneconomic policies, Bolivia is highly polarized& becoming ungovernable and I am sure if your imperial master places you there by force, you will end up resigning shamefully as you did in 2005 and you may have to appease your appettite for power and end your days in Chonchocoro along with Anez, DM, Murillo, Lopez as Garcia Mesa-Arce Gomez did!

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