Open Letter to Joe Biden& D Trump in re: Racial murders & oil fracking

Open letter to
Joe Biden& D Trump
In re: Racial murders& oil fracking

Mr Biden& Mr Trump, allow me to first addres one then the other.
How is it possible for you Mr Biden running for president and not protest nor condemn against coldly attempting to murder Jacob Blake and tell his fellow peaceful protestors who are sick and tired of 400 years of unjust executions of George Floyd blacks for being born blacks, but add insult to racial injury "you are violently looting private property"
On the other hand you, jlJoeBiden conveniently overlook your overfunded& violent police, countless executions without a trial and never once condemned or defunded your racist killing police murders of blacks.
Nor you wants to abrogate your lifetime enacted laws which have caused 5x incarceration of blacks, superpredator law omnibus law, multiplication of prisons, Freedom Act with which violates the privacy of nus tax payers who pay your undeserved fat congressional and retirement pension and yet as VP you imposed deadly state violence over the people.
Mr Biden if you love not the unjust murders of blacks by your overfunded racist police, why aren't you on the streets protesting against Mr Trump inciting violence with his death squat militiamen like Kyle Rittenhouse? But if you love so much private property, be a private guard for someone's private property and get out of public life and let someone else better suited than you, to care for citizens lives!
Mr Trump if you've got no concience nor empathy for any human being, tell the widows and orphan children, your armed death squats militiamen followlike Rittenhouse they didn't kill& the pephans' dead father are not dead but pain ball shot and are not knee holdchoke to death but paintballed who can get up.
You imply racist cold executioner kyle Rittenhouse, was self defending against a mob and if the mob got him, they would have killed him and then you say, was okay to defend himself.
Carrying a deadly assault rifle before you are 18 and going with premeditated thoughts to use it against people he subjectively calls assailants of peivate property, being coach by the police, and then walking to peaceful unarmed protestors with his deadly assault rifle with plenty ammo, and shooting at one, then escaping and shooting at two other victims, is not self defense but cold murder by your violent follower and your racist police who saw him before he murdered 2 and wounded a 3rd innocent unarmed man, why didn't they take away his assault rifle to prevent the murders and protect the community and protestors?
Why didn't you order your fed officers to disarm and arrest the death squat militiamen but you kept them iddle?
Your follower Rittenhouse who was embeeded by police and after he murdered innocent unarmed protestors against unjust killings of blacks, aided and abetted Rittenhouse, shielded and protected him, put a bullet proof vest on him and paid and shared with your white racist murderer, a dinner and coached him what not to say when he will be interrogated about his murders.
And then you go implicitly defending Rittenhouse and not the innocent victims and you inflamed further the crowds with your violent racist rethoric.
Are you aware you are inciting racist killings?
It saddens most people, you and Mr Biden don't care to enforce constitutionally mandated racial equality bc we are created equally but both of you are imperiling us with your oul fracking policies and you both say you will continue to frack, which is anbexistentialvthreat to our lives with your carbon pandemic which stuff carbon gas into our lungs and later cause us cancers and unjust premature deaths and its unacceptable for you to say, "old people will die anyway" but those deads are causing premature deads of more than 7 millions of humans annualy bc Biden's and your oil and fracking policies are causing these deaths!
Attached newsclip.
Domitila Mamani M
August 31st 2020

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