Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg in re: 300 pennies donation 4 elections

Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg
Re: 300 pennies donation 4 elections
Mr Zuckerberg:
Out of countless billions of quarterly profits, throwing away 300 million USD for elections you calculate, makes you a Great Democrat who is saving elections.
Great Democrat & savior of elections, not paying the billions of dollars you know you owe to the tax payers for decades, from humble gardeners to PhDs.
Humble gardeners pay close to 40% of their income in annual taxes. And PhDs pay high percent too!
You got countless billions of profit with our labor yet for decades you haven't paid 40% of your income in taxes, yet paint yourself a democrat, when in fact you are destroying Democracy by granting exception to carbon politicians who are desinforming about most everything that adversely affects humanity, like the lies and denials of climate desteuction, to cover up the consequences of carbon pandemic, racist killing rethoric of Aryans, like yourself?.
We have the sane education you have and are not Dawn syndrome sufferers, not to realize you gave desinforming politicians FB's fact check exemption, you sre aiding and abetting QAnon Terrorists, patriot prayer 2nd amedment death squats who organize and incite violent shootings of innocents in Kenosha, etc
And instead of cancel millions of their terrorists accounts but a meager token. And yet you give yourself immense free mileage ad allege you are a Democrat, but certainly you know as well as we know by your unconstitutional monopoly and unnacceptable excesses over 4 billion humans, you are not what you say you are.
Are you still trying to impose your private bit coin globally?
Are you aware you might be a cross of olygarch& dictator&outlaw monopolist protected by sellout politicians in office& by your policies and actuons you might not be a Democrat& but you still insist to choose for us, who becomes president?
Why don't you keep your 300 pennies and start paying the decades of taxes you are due or will you still insist you are just misusing/using tax loopholes, so you don't give to Caesar what is due to Caesar nor pay to god what is due to god, who you think made you his chosen people and 8 billion people are not god's chosen people but meaningless dogs whose extinction by carbon Pandemic and aryan police killings of people of color& goodshooshoos, you don't care?
I wait your kind public answer, right?
Domitila Mamani M
Sep 3rd 2020

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