Open letter to the People of Bolivia in re: Anez charging Morales before the ICJ

Open letter to the People of Bolivia
In re: Anez charging Morales before the ICJ!
People of Bolivia:
I don't know what good can come from Evo Morales& Alvaro Garcia who were 14 years in power after exiling their neighbor Dr Felipe Campos for demanding that Morales&Garcia change the economic, political&social structures of the Bolivian State, but unwilling to listen, they exiled and Anez has kept Mallku Felipe Campos exiled without charge and without any evidence!
Based on Nurember trial and ICJ prosecution for crimes against humanity of Former yougoeslave genociders, in those long years the unrencorous exiled peacemaker Dr Felipe Campos kept requesting them to charge Sanchez de Lozada, Mesa for Black Octuber 2003 genocide& before the ICJ Marinkovic,Nunez& Camacho& L Fernandez for racist ethnic genocide in 2009, to deter right wing fascists, but they refused and said prosecuting L Fernandez in Bolivia was enough.
Then Morales handed the CIA his own head by his stupidity in getting involved with Gabriela Zapata & then continued embedding himself with cruceno latifundio olygarchs and excluding indigenous new leaders and kept bringing to his cabinet and inner circle right wingers and run a government of center right and dimissing hospital infrastructure projects, substitute them with stadiums and synthetic soccer courts and compounded it with transgenic flora& fauna importation plus arsoning 10 million hectares of trees to give it away to croat jews latifundistas in exhange to sopport and vote for his unconstitutional reelection.
Bolivia was polarized and the CIA made its move to tempt someone from the TSE to stop the election count and then moved the military and police to ask Morales to resign
Here Morales blew his chance to defend Bolivia and then EForonda&:T Quiroga extortioned Adrians Salvatierra to resign the senate presidency in exchange to allow Morales be flown undisturbed by AMLO to exile and kidnapped V Borda's brother and extortioned him to resign amd then Foronda flew Anez to La Paz city  via an airforce airship and then flanked by the military and police commanders Foronda instructed her to self proclain presidential succesor for 6 months and with Mesa & Doria Medina's and other right wingers support, Anez dressed herself as transition president.
Then instead of an amnesty for right and left politicians, the EU, OAS& the catholic church had Eva Copa to give in in exchange of nothing and then these political actors had Eva Copa to give in and legalized the coup D'etat as a presidential succesion.
In this 10 months Dr Felipe Campos requested Evo to put his resources into taking Anez, her gov and military and police comanders to the ICJ for Anez' genocides in Sacaba, Senkata, Samaipata& Colcapirhua! But Evo refused and said his complaints before the UN and CIDH were enough.
The CIA has has been  eavesdropping through ENTEL& their vast satelite networks, they have had access all Comunications with Evo and the requests to take anez to the ICJ for crimes against humanity and he refused. But the CIA through Erick Foronda has been advised from various think tanks and they have made their move to charge Evo before the ICJ for several crimes.
They coached Anez to charge Morales before the ICJ, to decapitate and cause front runner MAS' electoral defeat.
That's what for Anez needed the extra 6 weeks or more time to knock out Morales& his inner circle!
I am member of no-party, but peacefully dedicated to the indigenous cause& am a peaceful climate defender and don't care for right or left parties, but racist Anez is no saint but an indigenous genocider and never elected and never will be elected. But since the Chaco war, all Bolivian presidents were CIA contractees including Morales, Mesa, Quiroga,etc
I judge not but Morales needs to charge Anez for crimes against humanity at the ICJ. If he doesn't listen to me, as previously he didn't listen to Dr Felipe Campos, then that will be his own loss.
Anez has no more mandate and her 6 months in office have expired. So ALP stop peeing in your pants and before Anez physically closes you, take courage and install Sergio Choque S Interim president now, bc the longer you wait, it will be too little too late, bc De-factoAnez is here for life!

Domitila Mamani M
Sept 5th 2020

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