Please remain well& alive for your children's sake!

Please remain well& alive for your children's sake!

Over 40 million American taxpayer-workers excruciatengly hurting along with their families bc Biden-Harris& Trump- Pence are AWOL from doing their job& playing presidential candidates

What do you tell your children& grandchildren when moneyless you can't provide them food& are being evicted, pushed into CoVid Pandemic harms way bc Biden& Trump keep denying you 2KDollars/month in CoVid enhancement unemployment payments and they are extortioning you to vote for them before deciding whether to aprove or reject 4,4 trillion dollars compare to countless trillions of dollars they handed to Oil Corporations easily?

Heartless Biden& Trump fight to the death for carbon corporations but don't care for you, your children& grandchildren but give you empty words& false promises that do not give you relief from being hungry and facing eviction whike they enjoy banquets, fat wages& fat pensions & become richer and richest while you and your law abiding peaceful family suffers indignities.
Enough of carbon Pandemic!
Enough of being denied what rightfuly belongs to tax payers, who created with hard work and taxes, the wealth parasite heartless BidenTrumpists enjoy luxurious life styles and care for only their elitist breed and not for 333 million Americans nor for humanity& since Biden& Trump are the problem and not the solution, don't become a gun victim statistic tovtheir 2nd amendment terroristsMilitiamen trying to vote, stay home before and after election, bc no matter the adversities of life, your family needs you alive, bc if the Patriot Prayer, Proud boys, QAnon 2nd Amedment terroristsMilitiamen make you a gin victim there is no way your children can survive without the love and care of you, their parents!
May your children bless you for remaining alive with them and for them!

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