SARS-CoVid2: Africans vs USA people

Sars-CoVid2: Africans vs USA people!

Africa has experienced the worst infections to all sorts of epidemies, their living conditions are sadly subhuman and suffer the highest % of prevalence& incidence to parasites due to a perpetual untreated & unsanitary water& agricultural irrigation with unsanitary water and suffer malnutrition, they sterilize less their food, yet despite all these social injustices affecting African people, they are the least affected by SARS-2- COVID& africans have mostly resisted vaccination & 50% are young population of the total population of Africa, and only 16k africans have died due to this pandemic!
By contrast United States people enjoy the highest living standard in the globe, highest consumtion of red meat& transgenic food& they sterilize everything and highest compulsory vaccination policy enforcement and highest possesion of respirators& antiCoVid treatment yet have experienced a quarter million Sars-CoVid2 victims& sadly for the people of the USA, their 2 presidential carbon candidates are pushing for a politically rushed antiCoVid unsafe vaccine before Nov3, when most sound scientists have already stated possible vaccines can't come till the end of next year 2021, but they care being elected and din't care for the people's health and life!
Inmunology and medicine cientific researchers have confirmed Dr Felipe Campos' tentative theory that SARS-CoVid-2 is related to blood disease, in victims of this epidemy.
African suffer the maladies of countless parasitic infections through lifetime. These parasites secret in Africans thousands of different proteins which act as a natural inmune barrier against this deadly pandemic virus.
But Dr Felipe Campos goes beyond this substantiated scientific hypothesis ,his tentative theory is the combination of different components as the natural barrier against SARS-Covid2: Less exposure to carbon pandemic, parasites produce proteines, organic vegan diet, least sterlization of pathogens, consume high amounts of vitamin C and abstenstion of all sorts of vaccines& an
having a red blood sickle cell with less arms to only carry 2 oxygen atoms, acts as a inmune barrier to this pandemic virus. By contrast US patients who have round blood red cells carry 4 oxygens therefore more prone to be latched by the pandemic virus spikes.
Dr Felipe Campos has forewarned people not to expose themselves to unsafe politically rushed Nov3 vaccines, which have the tangible&potential threat to cause masive deaths by having been injected with the virus pandemic under the unproven allegation that is a savior-vaccine.
I ask you: why do you want to destroy permanently your natural inmune System that protects you from all sorts of illnesses and unnecesarily die as a guinea pig so pharmaceuticals& presidential candidates profit& enrich ?

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