Security Council opresses the UN&Unipolarism is a failed doctrine!

&Frau Merkel wants to perpetuate Security Council oppression of the UN by adding her own interested party as a new member of the oppressive Security Council!

Napoleon wanted unipolar control of the world and the Russians defeated him and at Waterloo Napoleon unipolarism got buried as as the greatest failure of imperialism!
Western banks JP Morgan, City corp, Bank America & oil corporations Standard oil& Shell bankrolled Hitler and he wanted to impose unipolar control over humanity and the Rusians defeated him with their 3 and a half million troops& T45 and Russians occupied Berlin and buried Unipolarism!
Nixon wanted unipolar control in vietnam with 1 million soldiers and orange agent genocide but the vietnamesse buried his Unipolarism in defeat
Then Bush wanted unipolar control over oil and overthrew govs and ocuppied nations but he never won but is handtied in Irak, Afghanistan, Syria, Lybia, Lebanon and his unipolarism is failed!
Obama& Biden tried unipolar might and surged in afhanistan and their unipolar policy failed bc the afghanies defeated him.
Trump tried unipolarism and he lost it and is begging the afhanies let him withdraw his troops in exchange of the afganies to sign a cease fire, bc he wants to show his unilayeralism hadn't failed so he can alkege he deserves to be reelected, but the aghfghanies won't sign peace deal until after the elections, so having faiked Trumps unipolar policy he attacks China but Jinping won the UN debate bc the world rejects Trumps failed unipolar imperialism and Trump is down the tarmac bc of fossilfuelclimate fires, Mishandling and causing million coVid american deaths , economic recessions and the carbon corporations don't want him anymore, so goodbye Trump's Unipolarism!
Come now Frau Merkel who wants to opress us by becoming part of the opressive Security council.
Frau Merkel you are a Fraud like Trump by injuring us and killing us with 20X carbon pandemic, who you have served all your life. Cpase in point you did your internship in the fossil fuel industry long before running for chancellor and you signed Nordstrom2 which will destroy not only the baltic sealife and people, but the atlantic Ocean sealife and europeans with endless oil spills from the russian oilpipe under the baltic sea!
You are burning along with Bolsonaro& Trump our forests by having signed mercosur-EU trade deal and burning us with your carbon pandemic which causes FossilFuelClimateFires even in the west coast of USA and of course the whole globe's forests!

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