The Joseph Mengeles of the world want to experiment on us their unsafe& ineficient Sars- Covid2 vaccine....

The Joseph Mengeles of the world want to experiment on us their unsafe& ineficient Sars-CoVid2 vaccine by compulsory vaccination!

As a survivor of Sars- CoVid2, write you to please reflect about the following:
Sars surfaced during the Obama-Biden Gov, they pumped billions into it and we've seen this year 2020, this lab created Sars- CoVid2 is stopped Carbon abrogation protests( except yesterdaus Friday for Future protest), and under the excuse of Sars-CoVid2, govs have favored carbon corporations with trillions of gov dollars and increased carbon pandemic& given free mileage by their media to press govs, and the latter have prepaid billions of dollars to pharmaceutical corporations, for political rushed unsafe vaccines.
You have seen govs ordered their police forces to attack violently against protestors, even though the latter carry AntiCoVid masks, in Germany, UK etc?
Why are carbon Govs mass violently attacking peaceful protestors?
Social Control, social control, social control by the States Govs!
Carbon Govs& carbon corporations& pharmaceutical corporations, who badly want social control over antiVaccine protestors, AntiCarbon protestors, antiKiller police protestors, to decrease population by gov compulsory vaccination.
I am a meaningless person but i survived Lab created Sars-CoVid2 without any vaccine and any antiSars- Covid2 vaccine by the very old means of human survival:
Our natural inmune system with which we humans are born and no state nor corporations have the right to kill it by means of injecting on us a partial Sars-CoVid2 virus and annihilating permanently our human inherited natural inmune system!
Remember carbon pandemic invades our bodies with countless deadly gases every second we inhale high fossil fuel pollutants into our lungs like mercury, methane, C02, NO(Nitric Oxide) secreted by millions of cars, factories and now Turbopropeller airplanes!

NO that is Nitric oxide, adversely affects most of our organs and as a neurotransmitter of the endolthelium of our blood vessels, it decreases blood flow to our heart(by causing angina pectoralis), our hearts, our livers, our brains, our inmune system.
As a matter of fact NO will harden our blood vessels& degenerate our brain with Altzheimers, parkinsons, myelitis, etc and will impaired severely our inmune system, causing us a blood illness in our leucocites/ white blood cells/ by inhabilitating our macrophages who can no longer sectet nitric acid that destroy proteins of viruses, pathogens, etc!
This lab created Sars- CoVid2 is a blood disease, that hardens the cells& tissues of our lungs, and peripheral members such as our toes and hands, etc
Nitric oxide inhabilitates our inmune system and lab created Sars-Covid2 finishes off our lungs, etc and we're likely to die.
But please remember our ancestors who were exposed to the WWI Kansas virusPandemic, after it peaked& then saturated and slowly began to yield and eventually the survivors were not few but the majority, among them our grandfathers became the living testament that our inmune systems defeated the KansasVirus/Spanish Virus pandemic.
True close to a million died and WHi predicts 2 million will die next year due to Sars- Covid2 but i remind you over 7 million people die unjustly due to fossilfuel deadly green house gases& nitric oxide secreted by cars....
A million westerners victims of this pandemic and undernurished and parasite striken african victims who are sufferers of sickle cell anemia are fittest than us and survived without any vaccination by poli
Itically rushed Sars- Covid2 vaccines and barely 16k died.
The lesson from both survivors of WWI and nowadays african survivors is: their Natural immune system defeated this virus pandemic.
What can you rationally& calmly do to protect your life and your children's livesvaccording to dr Felipe Campos:
1] Reject your annual flu vaccination bc mercury is a neurotoxic and once flu vaccinated your body is weakened to fight & you fall victim to sars- Covid2, which is a blood diesease due to this virus.
2] wearvyour mask and keep your social distance. Don't let the elitists Joseph Mengalas of the globe, inject in you their unsafe and inefictient Sars- Covid2 vaccine under any excuse of mandatory vaccination or police order, bc you are free and not a slave and you've got the right to defend your life and your children's!
3] only after govs& carbon corps& pharmaceutical corps show you 1 billion were phase 3 clinically tested and 1 billion survived and were medically observed for 10 years and are found alive and well, then you can and only then consider vaccination and not before, bc life is precious and we live only once and can't be resurrected from being unjustly killed with an unsafe and inefficient vaccine pushed by Biden&Trump!

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