The last straw that blew the Camel's back: Proscription of Arce&/or MAS

The last straw that blew the Camel's back:
Proscription of Arce&/MAS

What difference can't it make praying to avoid the Camel's/Bolivia's back from being blown with irreversible lives' losses simply bc of Unipolar power's racist-greedy-political act? None!

Absteining from writing over the unipolar power& powerless Bolivia's presidential elections are about the same, I will only address the latter in simple terms, as a Non Party, Non-candidate retired academic woman:

For no one is a secret, the Unipolar power moving from behind the curtin, its puppets MesaAnez, the Neoliberal contractees UstachaNazi caudillos, political poker playing the cards of Elections, Election fraud, proscription of Arce&/or MAS& Coup D'etat.
The Camel's hump is being poked this Octuber 18th 2020, with the same straw that blew the camel's back last Octuber 2003 by the same cowardly secretive Mesa against MAS, but this time Mesa has all the control of the Judiciary TCP, tthrough Anez, the executive power& the Supreme Electoral Tribunal/TSE, the OAS, the EU, the catholic& Evangelical churches, the Unipolar Embassybi Boivia, the military, Nal Police& UstachaNaziCroatJew DeadSquadsArmedMilitiamen based in Santa Cruz& Cochabamba, lead by old separatist Branco Marinkovic& Arturo Murillo Prijic... vs Arce from MAS.
Timing is material to when MesaAnez are to repeat their contractor master's judicial inhabilitation of the poll winner Arce, hence repeating the inhabilitation of Lula& A Arauz
As a matter of fact Mesa is desperate for Arceti agree ti accept TSE announce winner of the Oct18th elections bc he thinks everyone is a bad looser like him, when he lost he falsely accused the winner, with fraud@
Anez ordered the filing and the judiciary has accepted it and most likely The TSE will feign obedience to the TCO rulling and MesaAnez opposition with no Arce& banned from elections, will win a rigged election.
If the miracle happens through TCP Justices decision to reject the suit altogether, MesaAnez controlled TSE will be the only one to deal with it, but Anez control her fellow contracted man Salvador Romero and another moracle will have to happen, in that case there is the remote chance for TSE to order a candidate substitution for MAS and that would be David Choquehuanca, the cuurent VP candidate running with Arce.
Since MesaAnez controls TSE, the latter's TREP system will do the counting and electronically rigged, TSE will declare Mesa's unjust victory.
A complaint of fraud. TSE will recount barely 5% and then, " the recount of disputed precincts have been recounted and the winner is Mesa"
Protests in highly polarized Bolivia will be crashed by MesaAnez's led Ustacha commanders Marinkovic, Murillo and the military lead by Lopez, plus the Nal Police.
This is the last straw that blows the camel's bac, a repeat of Black Octuber 2019 genocide Mesa&Goni& Berzain, caused by MesaAnez to seize power with a rigged election& a oid their prosecutuon, sentence and legal imprisonment for having committed, ethnic genocides, sedition& grand larceny and countless violations of Human rights as Pateicia hermosa& forced exiles of people like Dr Felipe Campos, who they deny voting rights calling him gringo for having educated himself in the USA!
Mesistas& Masistas cool heads are needed and no rigging of elections nor unconstitutional inhabilitations, and bc Anez caused economic bankrruptcy of Bolivia by having stolen 8 billion RIN+ 3 billion dollars, CovidFamine, forest fires and political& judicial persecutions, deep polarization, don't listen to Mesa or Camacho or any one calling to arms like Marinkovic& Murillo, Camacho, civicos or anyone, bc civil war devours winner, loosers and our innocent families!

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