The usurpers keep stealing the Power of the People!

The usurpers keep stealing the power from The People!

Nationalism& patriotism are the same patriarch's quilts. Born from religious fanatism, todays fascism:
God, country/Patriarch, country/Nationalistic Patriotism.
Evil Hitler coined for the love of the patriarch's land/: the fatherland.
Chuchill&FDR coined for the love of god& country same as Hamilton's one Nation under god.
But whose nation?
The nation of elitists moneyed men with subsirvient& perpetuating institutions to impose their ruling on the people by propertional representation, dispossessed& usurps the legitimate sovereing's place: The people who are the source& the creators of power& the ultimate authority and not the created institutions or created constitution! Because the  People is creator of legitimate power above all creation& created constitutions  and created institutions
and we need to claim back the Government of the people, by the people and for the people from the exclusive usurpers of power: RacistCarbonElitists who by Carbon money keep usurpating withdeceitful& unjust & unacceptable proportional representation  to perpetuate their usurpation of power, but the people is not a feeble minded child and/or a demented created subaltern to be imposed proportional representation& their ElitistsRepresentatives upon himself/herself, according to author Felipe Campos' sociopolitical theory in, "Claiming back the legitimate sovereign: The People, who deliverates in the streets and governs itself by plebiscites as in 8ancient Greece& not olygarchElitist moneyed representatives& imposed obsolete constitutions& unjust laws and the deceptive 3 headed hydra,'Executive, legislative& judicial power' to avoid a kingly overthrown from power& to perpetuate usurpation& unjust  superExcessive hoarding while 99% of citizens and humanity can bare make ends meet, specially due to carbon Pandemic, CoVid Pandemic, etc"

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