To Carlos Mesa in re: your candidacy is a diservice to Bolivia

  Open letter to Carlos Mesa
Re: Your candidacy is a disservice to Bolivia
@Carlosdmesag :
I belong to no party & I've known you& followed your political career embedded with rosca mining, Latifundio& badshooshoos interests& misdeeds& your current candidacy.
You committed along with Sanchez de Lozada, Black Octuber 2003& embraced privatization in your own 2 years as a failed president and unable to stand the heat, you resigned cowardly after destroying the evidence of your economic malfesance.
You refused to testify to protect Sanchez de Lozada and evaded being subpoenad for Black October murders of unarmed civilians, including my innocent little niece!
You are co- guilty of our permanent acess to the pacific Ocean and pushed from behind Nov 12th 2019 Coup D'etat& co-guilty with Anez& Foronda, A quieoga, Camacho...& co-respoblnsible for advising Anez to enact her 4078 indigenous Genocide Decree of Sacaba& Senkata and pressured ti get 4 election cancelations to get extra time to attempt to defeat indigenist MAS party, but unless Anez consumates her Auto Coup D'etat& closes congress, you and Anez can't ever defeat MAS bc Anez ia guilty of Genocide by CoVid19 for refusing since Dec2 2019 to quarentine Bolivia, besides the 4 genocides she comitted& you must answer for being one od her advisors for enacting the indigenous genocide decree 4078!
And what did you two do with the RIN reserves + 3 billion USD that was seized and disappeared them?
Your candidacy and call for debate are disservice to Bolivia and the agonizing Bolivian Democracy.
You burned 4 million Hectares of Amazonian trees and gave it free to latifundio-cattlemen cruceno& Anez is burning over 10 million hectares to seize it for her cattlemen under PLUS olygarchic policy along with Doria Medina.
L Arce at least knows economic planning but Anez& you are so incompetent, ignoramus& unrepentant pompous asses!
As candidates you both are diservicing The people& Bolivia. Bc both of you committed crimes against humanity and except La paz, Oruro Cochabamba, Tarija& Santa Cruz, tge people of Bolivia do not want you or Anez and even if you and Anez were to run together, still you will be defeated bc, we the people remembet you both committed indigenous genocides and disguising yourselves under indigenous clothes can't make it, bc we remember both of you as Genocides, incompetent, thieves, genociders and cowards who evade& hide in the rear lines& sent others to do your fighting and misdeeds for you!
If by miracle all the right extreme parties were to united behind you and you reach the presidential Palace, you won't last 12 months bc Anez& you stole RIN reserves& destroyed the economy and broke the sanitary system of Bolivia and Bolivia is ungobernable unless a true election without fraud happens in October 18th, which most of us doubt bc Anez can only avoid prison if he executes her auto Coup D'etat before Octuber 18th.
I await your response!
Domitila Mamani M
September 12th 2020v

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