Trump's proxy alleges on her say so, China is guilty for CoVid19!

Trump's proxy alleges on her say so, china is guilry for CoVid19!

Like Mr. Trump and for Mr Trump, this taiwan- chinesse-cantonnes woman says on her say so, we have to blame China for CoVid19 pandemic& for all deaths by this Pandemic!
If you are so sure as Bush alleged Irak had weapons of mass destruction and without any evidence nor trial nor guilty finding, we executed Saddam by hanging through our proxy shiah. Before we go after china and destroy china as we destroyed Irak for its oil, we must ask this Trump's  proxy, produce your compelling evidence publicly and don't tell us on your say so, the chinesse are guilty as charged, so Mr Trump can win his reelection. We want to see evidence& examine it, where is your compelling evidence

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