Trump's reelection politically rushed CoVid19 vaccine, will be distributed Nov 1 2020!

Trump's reelecction politically rushed CoVid19 vaccine, will be distributed Nov1 2020!

Hey CDC is announced 2 days before incompetent Trump's reeleccion day, under the emergency order disposition, FDA is licensing Moderna's vaccine. Jump like desperate asses herd and run along with your children&granchildren to get vaccinated against Sars-2-Covid & once vaccinated either you all die or either you all get some protection against CoVid 19!
Hold your asses and use your common sense, caution&wisdom& gut feeling and think, think, think hard before you get to make history as a Jonestown, Guayana poisoned mass victims and remember it takes 15 to 20 years to get a license from the FDA.
But How come Confederate Aryan president Trump&Faucci& the former owner of nazi pharmaceutical involved in genocide of 6 million innocent victims, IG Farben and Bill Gates, now co-owners of Moderna pharmaceutical are getting exempt from the 15-20 years regular licensing waiting time for vaccines but cut to few days waiting and distributing their HarikiriModerna CoVid19 vaccine, to suit carbon candidate Trump's need to be reelected on Nov 3 2020?

It's a politically rushed unsafe vaccine getting aprove so Trump, Faucci, Bill Gates&Soros and their olygarchy elite can make a filty profit of trillions of dollars with said HarikiriModerna vaccine, at the cost of desperate people whose expectations & trust on assurances by the CDC& FDA are the substitute for a rigourous scientific double blind clinical trial phase 3, that is trial on 80 million humans, the vaccine worked and as it had advance orders from Trump who implicitly ordered the scientists of these agencies, to use the Emergency Power to license this politically rushed Moderna Harikiri-vaccine, to set them free from anxiety, mental depression& economic pressure& the virus of death!
But check and you will see they barely tried it in 10k or 30k people , is unacceptable & is extremelly substandard and unsafe vaccine!
There is no human way to cut 15-20 years into few days, bc it takes 15- 29 years to get any vaccine licensed and then distribute it. Yes it takes these long years to get it licensed, because it has to undergo numerous rigorous scientific tests& clinical trials and all the scientific data to be peet-reviewed, replicated and peer reviewers must get the same results the pharmaceutical applicant says it yield. And when it doesn't yield the same scientific results & it cant be replicated clinically as the pharmaceutical corporation alleged, then its not licensed!
Roughly over 93% of medical inventions fail and a tiny percent succeeed and that's why vaccines are expensive instead of free.
But to jump these rigorous scientic tests and lack of succesful clinical trials & lack of scientic clinical data, power& money talks & buys licensing from these so called sacred institutions of licensing.
If you order in advance a rocket to Uranus and after you fly test it to your satisfaction and if it works, then and only then you purchase it.
But if you are like Mr Trump who wants to manipulate& extortion for you to do what he wants  you to do, then with power you pressure them and buy the scientists out, for after all being humans, they've got a price for them to become happy, secret and mouth shut after they license it and while the sold out scientists count their money, you sell the politically rushed vaccine at a sky high price and count your profit as Moderna will, thanks to desperate people who believe in a magic vaccine and magic savior, and you will see them stampede like desperate asses, to get vaccinated.
But beware, bc at best your chances are 50-50. But when you get vaccinated either you die or get some protection against Covid19.

The problem with this electoral unsafe politically rushed vaccine: Mass genocide of vaccinated people or permanent impairment of your inmune system and organs.But if it is good, then you get to breath relief for brief montha, bc as the Covid virus mutates, the Moderna vaccine can't work on any or all mutating viruses of Covid.

You may want to wait and see for at least a few years what efect has on others who get vaccinated and then and only then if its safe and it works, then think about vaccination. Meantine why to endanger your precious children& grand children, right?

I'll never forget what I learned from grandma, Vira: #TheRoadToHellIsAsphaltedWithGoodIntentions, specially by salesmen, candidates& politicians and unethical scientists...

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