UN HR Council vote 23 2 22!

UN HR council vote 23 2 22

I trully abhor Human Rights abuses by our pseudo democratic countries who impose their pseudo democracy/ Nation building by means of conventional warfare, economic warfare, racial warfare, religious warfare& hipocritically missusing their pseudo moral banner of HR against what they convenient label godless socialist countries or former socialists but they overlook their own violatiions of HR in their own mighty country and in their own economically coerced allied countries.
Human rights needs to be imposed on every country, regardless of "being god bless our country" or "not being god bless our country", because Human rights is inherent to our being humans and no country and no gov or god can take that away from us, bc we are born with it and those inalienable human rights need to be extended and applied to biodiversity, flora, fauna and all living beings and not only for humans or for christians or goodshooshoos jewish citizens like me, but every living being, for its time to abrogate the Darwinian racial ethnocentric classifications of the animal kingdom and of the book of hate, racism and genocide: The bible, which alleges being god's living word and god's predestination...but its all written by self rightpeous and self serving men with a racist political & religious agenda, who think they are the only elite's/god's chosen people and 99% other humans are gentile dogs and not chosen!
I reject Lukashenko and Anez but also the self righteous& self serving master whose dollars pay the fat salaries of the UN council on HR staff!
Reject Bellorusia's Lukashenko for his inhuman violations of HR& perpetuation in power against his own citizens!
Jeanine Anez for being a sadist violator and committing multiple genocides& giving away trillions of dollars in Lithium& gold, while killing indigenous climate defenders with CoVid, CoVid Famine, judicial persecutions and thumbing her book of racial hatred, slavery and genocide, while crowning herself and her badshooshoos breed of croat UstachaJews as god's people and indigenous climate defenders as satanic pagans slaves/pongos, whose country she is still burning for soy& red meat, while falsely she calls herself the sacrificial victim who had to drop her presidential candidacy, to save democracy, liberty, Honor& with 10% budget money for health, to saves Bolivians.
Liar, liar, liar, but the UN HR council doesn't vote to punish Anez the multiple genocider even after they had have in their hands compelling evidence she and  Carlos Mesa killed Bolivian democracy  with a coup financed in dollars by her master, and she deprived them of liberty and honor by murdering them massively by means of her  ethnic genocide decree 4078, in fact, Anez committed multiple genocides 9 months before Lukashenko's, and currently  Anez made disappeared/ stole 8 billion RIN dollars+ 3 billion dollars in gifts& international loans that were suppose to be used in saving Bolivians from CoVid Pandemic& CoVid Famine but she didn't use those billions to save the people & now is threatening to imprison the senate president who seeing her indigenous climate defenders sisters& brothers suffer famine, enacted a law for a one time 100 dollars enhancement payment, to feed Bolivian starving & unemployed families!
But the racist master who pays the fat wages of the UN council for HR, colluding with the European Union& coercing other nations to vote against Lukashenko, got under penalty of economic warfare to approve it against lukashenko 23-2-22(for, against& abstentions votes).
I am not saying its all bad, but I am questioning why you SOBs cherry pick who to condemn& who to overlook and reward for violating HR as you reward Anez, Bolsonaro, Pineira from Chile, Moreno from Ecuador, Egypt, Saudi Arabia...!
Hipocrite SOBs where were you when china was murdering innocent and unarmed peaceful chinesse protestors in Tianamen Square& your media drowned our voices to sanction China economically!
Where were you when China cancelled elections in Hong Kong and violates HR of countless innocent and unarmed Hong Kongers and interns them in secret concentration camps along with over a million Ouigurs, khazaks...Tibetans. Yet here at home where you get paid fat salaries, you don't condemn your master's massive HR violations against people of color, specially black Americans by police chokeholds, gun shoots, war forbidden chemical weapons& 2nd amedment death squatsMilitiamen Patriot prayer, Proud boys, QAnon? And uses unidentified federal officers to violate HRs!
If you have ears listen, if you have eyes see, if you got a brain, reason, if you got a heart act against all HR violations, all genocides of Biodiversity, eco Systems, oceans, ice, glaciars, air we need to breath every second, water we drink, and food we need, but poisoned by carbon pandemic and genociding us by more than 7 million humas per year!
Condemn all violators of HR, including your master who orders you to vote for his interests!
When the right to preserve and defend life and all living beings are violated, condemn it and stop it and enforce laws or create laws you can enforce to preserve HR and ban nuclear plants& oil refineries etc, that are genociding us by gassing us with deadly carbon gases, methane, & 1000 deadly chemicals used in shale fracking, oil& gas etc!
I am a voice in the desert of carbon& nuclear plants, 1 of countless exiled goodshooshoos against my free will, who survived torture for no crime at all yet this and other HRs NGOS didn't move a finger to help me to survive HR abuse bc it involved its master who pays them fat salaries. A follower of peace, life and coexistance in a world of SolarE& vegan instead of genocidal carbon pandemic& genocidal nuclear plants, who follows Itzak Rabin, who was unjustly murdered for bringing peace& peaceful coexistance with the other, in the land of my ancestors!
If you have ears listen, if you have eyes see, if you have a brain reason &;if you hsve a heart, act to defend life& peaceful coexistance with the other...!

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