Even though the UN intends to do good, it has been missused by the unipolar power country to support govs the unipolar country has put in power in Bolivia, etc
The UN is not the final decision maker but carbon power countries USA, UK, France, China...this means the UN is subsirvient to the interests of those carbon power countries who are permanent members of the UN Security Council, especially to the interests of the Unipolar power country instead of the UN.
This is one of the reasons the UN has no power but the Security Council( of moneyed G7+ BRICS Countries) pretends the UN has power to solve all the problems of humanity but truly doesn't. Case in point, whenever the unipolar country decides to veto to perpetue its interests, it vetoes UN resolutions, so UN is powerless as in permanent Climate catastrophe we humanity are experiencing, so we must abrogate the UN security council and go back to the league of Nations structure, where the UN's resolution was the ultimate decision and all mightybpowers didn't have a veto power!
And given the fact the current National Security is polarized, there can't come through the current UN& its dictator Permanent Security council, the only solution it may save us from extinction: Carbon AbrogationNow!
That leaves us without multilateral solutions and Car on Pandemic threatens us to extinct us.
We Humanity need peacefully and safely Join # MassiveCivilDisobedience AroundOilRefineries
to #AbrogateCarbonPandemicNow
,else they will keep gasing us with carbon gas to extinct us!

UN marks 75th anniversary as coronavirus 'lays bare' world's fragility

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