Why are we letting CarbonCorporations gas us to death& extinction as they did to 6 million innocents?

Why are we letting carbon Corporations gas us to death & extinction as they did to 6 million innocents?

Forced in and locked in an oven while the deadly gas begins slowly to fill the oven where you are trapped and kept you feel anguish& fear and as the gas is flooded the dirty contaminated air, which as the gas increases flooding the oven becomes harder to breath, because your lungs & organs that need oxygen are not getting pure oxygen by mixed toxic gas with decreasing oxygen, you begin to cough, feel nauseas and feel ill.
This is what happened when 6 million innocent dissidents were forcefuly locked and gassed with Zyklon B and slowly we in year 2020 are being gassed in this giant oven by methane gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide& a thousand oil fracking chemicals and the heat from the forest the carbon corporations, transgenic& red meat corporations keep burning. As the giant oven we are being kept gets more intoxicated with those deadly gasses & the forest fires keep adding the temperature, compounded with the melting of ice in the poles, the glaciars, we get ill because of the fossil gasses& forests burning and over 7 million humans are being killed prematurely and pasdively we fail to act, while BlackRock corporations keep increasing 20x and legalizing until 2050 carbon stock trade withdouble carbon credit at the Paris Agreement- carbon stock-trade market, the longer we wait, the more toxic this gisnt global oven/ incinerator gets and the more of us will be carbon gassed in this genocide imposed ton us by deception, force and our passive& wishfully making us believe climate conferences will solve it with resilience, adaptation, & all those deceptions keep us wasting these crucial and decisive short precious years, because by 2050, we'll have been cheated of carbon neutral and most of us will be already gassed to death by these same carbon corporations& banks, who bankrolled Hitler: Shell oil, Standard oil, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Deutche Bank, etc, will continue to gass us to extinction and plan to fly on airships for a few generations and they assume they will come back to re-colonize an empty planet Earth, as Noah's breed did it in the past.
We don't need to continue being deceived by climate conferences, for we are getting old of being deceived and their corporate carbon toxicity keeps making our planet an unlivable giant hotter and hotter gas incinerator.
We need to # Join MassiveCivilDisobedience around oil refineries, oil shipping ports, oil pipe lines... till we #AbrogateCarbonNow, before too little too late!

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